Friday 9th June, 2006

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No Poison for 2007

Meg Cheekes of the mega band Poison has officially resigned her position as the band’s communications officer, and there will be no Poison mas band on the streets come C2K7.

Cheekes, with 16 years’ experience in the Carnival industry and the marketing consultant of Poison, announced her decision this week and will launch an entirely new organisation—Poison 8—which will have its camp tentatively in Woodbrook.

The decision, she says, is a direct response to the masqueraders’ needs to deliver an improved “Poison Carnival experience” within a structured and manageable band.

Michael Headley, founder/owner of Poison and Cheekes’ mentor, went on record on Wednesday, saying that he wished her continued success in T&T Carnival and was delighted at her decision to accept the opportunity presented.

Headley said he’s decided to sit out C2K7 and be a spectator instead. “I’ve had enough,” said Headley, “and Meg and they have my blessings.”

Headley gave the assurance, though, that his internationally-famous Carnival Thursday Escape to Playa del Este all-inclusive fete in Salybia is on for 2007, adding, “that was never part of Poison.”

The new eight-member group (all formerly of Poison) intends to officially make an announcement at an upcoming media launch, when its Carnival 2007 presentation will also be revealed.

The Pulse 8 Group comprises Cheek 2 Cheek, D’Image TnT, Cat & Friends, ‘D’ Coco Crew, Funstation 4, Sweet Life TnT, Sonia Marcano (‘Red’) and DJ Wendell.

In other C2K7 news, Raoul Garib is returning to the mas scene and has teamed up with veteran bandleader Glenn Carvalho to produce a band for next year.

Also beginning plans for C2K7 is popular mas band Tribe which is seeking male and female models to show off its costumes for next year. Tribe is looking for fresh faces and aspiring candidates are invited to come to the mas camp, 20 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook, by June 15 to register.

Registration days and hours are Monday–Friday, 10 am–6 pm.

Musical tribute to Soca Warriors

In a surprising departure from his trademark black garb, Shadow was still a memorable treat decked in white.

Five-time National Calypso Monarch Black Stalin

Photos: Adrian Boodan

Randy Glasgow, left, Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his wife Education Minister Hazel Manning share a laugh off the jokes made by Tommy Joseph.

Saturday night was a memorable one when Randy Glasgow Productions succeeded at staging yet another wonderful show at Jean Pierre Complex.

It was the second annual edition of Black Stalin’s Calypso Fiesta, a show staged under the patronage of no lesser person than Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who did attend, accompanied by his wife, Education Minister Hazel Manning.

Marking half-century of providing calypso lovers with a plethora of excellent social and political commentary, five-time National Calypso Monarch and reigning Calypso King of Kings Black Stalin did not disappoint as he performed almost two hours of hits, superbly accompanied by Roy Cape All Stars.

On an occasion Stalin chose to pay tribute to the T&T Soca Warriors, the beloved south bard gave his loyal fans a special treat in the form of two specially-picked guest artistes in recently crowned South Calypso Monarch Brian London and Toronto-based David Rudder.

Joining Stalin to ensure patrons got much more than their money’s worth were show host Tommy Joseph, Marilyn Williams, Organiser, Erphann Alves, 3Canal, The Original de Fosto Himself, Explainer, Ken “Professor” Philmore, Shadow, and Sharon Gennivieve Phillips & Flame.

World Cup leave

I am sure that most of you would not be surprised to know that this is my last day of work for the month of June. Through my entire professional career, the two things I don’t do are work on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, and when World Cup football is being played.

But don’t despair, whether I get through last-minute plans I’ve been making to be in Germany, or not, your favourite column will be here on every Friday. Of course, most of it will be about World Cup football.

Of courts not

It’s my fault actually, for not sticking with the “family” business and going outside to purchase an appliance.

Instead of dealing with the Guardian’s affiliate furniture retailer (Standards), I went to the competition to purchase a washing machine. After being given all the fancy sales talk and signing all the relevant documents and taking ownership of the appliance, I was subsequently informed that if I could not connect the machine to the water supply, I would have to pay an additional $100 to have the retailer avail me with one of its technicians to do the needy.

Reminds me of the good old days when car dealers used to sell vehicles minus clocks and ash trays etc, and expect buyers to purchase them as accessories. You talk about hidden costs and fine print.

Big-screen football

Harvard Sports Club is hosting a “Big Screen TV” World Cup Football Lime tomorrow, from noon at the club’s premises in St James.

Lunch is being provided to members at $25, and non-members for $40 and entrance is by invitation only. The deadline for placing orders is noon today.

The menus available are as enticing as the football and include ochro and rice with pickled meat, parsley cassava, steamed king fish and green salad; or, pineapple chicken, pigeon peas and rice, scalloped potato and green salad; or, bhagi rice with pig tail and smoked bones, boiled plantain, stewed pork and green salad.




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