How to tell your child about kidnapping

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What do you say to your children about kidnapping? This series of articles, by clinical child psychologist Dr Karen Moore, aims to give parents tips and advice about dealing with the trauma of kidnapping, whether from a general perspective or in reference to the kidnapping of a close friend or relative.


How do you cope with kidnap stress - 26-09-05

When you travel by air, part of the safety procedures talk states: “First secure your own oxygen mask and then that of your child.”

When a parent is kidnapped - 24-09-05

This is probably the most traumatic experience a child can have, after the death of a parent. As the remaining parent or caretaker in the home, how do you cope?

What to do if your child is kidnapped - 23-09-05

The nightmare comes true. Your child has been snatched. Your natural reactions are panic, fury, despair, blaming yourself, nervous breakdown. Though it’s to be hoped you will never need these tips, they are offered “just in case.”

When someone close to you is kidnapped - 20-09-05

The less said, the better. If possible, do not tell them what has happened, give a good cover story to explain the person’s absence. Keep them away from TV, papers and CONVERSATIONS in the home about what has happened. Keep your own distress out of their sight...

How to tell your child about kidnapping - 19-09-05

Your aim should not be to create fear. Your children will absorb your fear, rather than what you are trying to say, and will be ill-prepared to cope with a crisis...











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