Sunday 25th June, 2006


Believe in your potential

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In San Diego last week, a young woman died, victim of a hit and run accident. The stark scene will remain etched in our minds for a long time. She was one of us, a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), there for the 2006 annual meeting. In perplexed sadness, we asked: What about her family? When will they know? She had journeyed thousands of miles from Mumbai, India.

Main platform speaker at the meeting, psychologist and author, Dennis Waitley, reminded us that “If you’re a tour guide instead of a tourist... the fear goes away.” He said that a life well lived is one in which we make a personal commitment “to plant shade tress under which I know I’ll never sit.”

He said that in life’s journey for the gold medal, we have to wear it inside of ourselves long before others even get to see it. We have to know that we are worth our weight in gold, even when others deny it. He said that the truest tip you can ever get for achieving success, is the one where you bet on yourself, because, now, and at the end of your story, your “net worth is proportionate to your self worth.”

You have to believe in your own potential, and you have to live life doing more for others, you have to be able to adopt the role of tour guide, be the one who knows the path, the history and the anecdotes, you have to give more to others, so that when the angel of death flies in your face, your book will have been well written on every page.

It simply will not suffice to remain the tourist, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, because you may always be afraid, over-awed and spellbound.

So if your habits till now, still leave you in self-doubt, afraid, and dependant on the tour guides of life. It’s time for an about turn. Waitley said that “you don’t break habits, you replace them.” And that is fundamentally important. You have to break the mould.

To break a habit of bad spending patterns is almost impossible, unless and until you have a new pattern of behaviour to substitute for the old habits.

Waitley recounted that the rate of consumption in the US is so extremely high, that the rate of personal savings is a mere 0.89 per cent. This he implied was the result of a predominance of “style” over substance. What it should be is “substance over style.”

So wake up and smell the coffee! Brand name coffee chain store Starbucks, didn’t get to the top of the market, by selling coffee alone, they sell the experience. Yes there is room for style, and the latest style is aroma therapy, and the latest scent is the scent of coffee. The more things change the more they remain the same. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Bad habits don’t go away, they have to be replaced!

When it comes to family, you will have to forget the politicians, because the politicians are steeped in what I choose to call protocol or what others call red tape. And you can lie on the road for hours cordoned off by yellow tape, and policemen, and the TV News crew!

Waitley said that in life we need to go where we are high on the food chain, it is the trick of survival! How far up are you in the food chain? And how do you get up in the ranks. Its not all about money, according to Waitley, it’s also about giving value, knowing the route, planning and preparing, about being willing to adapt, to learn fast, and to take control of your own lives.

Do not be the victim, the one with the outstretched arm, the beggar!

At MDRT there were world-class speakers who had no eyesight, or who were paralysed and confined to electronic chairs. At MDRT, there were speakers who had been witnesses to suicide and abuse and violence, and victims themselves of the worst forms of human behaviour. At MDRT a group of extremely underprivileged children played musical instruments, after nine months of training and commitment, who narrated Shakespeare, and skipped about, happy to be alive.

It takes a determination, somebody to believe in somebody, somebody to love somebody! Believe in your potential.

So tip of the day: Who are you, who is your next of kin? Do you carry that information on your person wherever you go? What are you leaving behind for them if you love them? Have you created the list? Is it in your head , or is it documented?

Must you leave behind some of the sweat of your brow for their benefit? Can you leave a trust for them that will delight them beyond measure? Or, as my father used to say: Will they have to eat the bread that the devil kneads?





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