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Beautiful Eyes

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Now this is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to applying eye-make-up, but if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to getting it perfect.

1) Assuming you have a steady hand (if not, try this sitting down so you can steady your arm by placing your elbow on a table.)

2) Using a pencil or a brush, (you can even use your applicator so it is as close to the lash-line along the eyelid as possible. Draw a line from the inner to outer corner using one fluid stroke, following the curvature of the eyelid. You can extend the line past the outer corner of the eye upwards if you wish, this will help open up the eye. Try not to line underneath the lower lids, as this can make the eyes appear smaller. This procedure, however, can be followed by those with larger eyes.

3) If you want to make your small eyes appear larger, you can put white eyeliner on the inside of the upper and lower lid. To start, keep the line as thin as possible and if a thicker line is desired, repeat the process either across the entire lash-line or simply on the outer-third of the lid along the lashes.

4) Make the line along the eyelid a solid, even one, starting thin at the front-third of the lid and becoming slightly thicker at the back-third of the lid can be an attractive classic look.

5) You can line all the way across the eyelid if you like, from the inside corner to the outer edge, or you can stop the line where the lashes stop and start.

6) Along the lower lashes, line only the outer two-thirds of the eye. Be sure the lower liner is a less intense colour than the upper line.

Always remember that in make-up application there are no set rules, but if you are doing something funky or dramatic, have fun!

Photos: Edison Boodoosingh

Eyeliner mistakes to avoid

* Try not to use greasy or slick pencils to line the lower lashes as they tend to smudge. One way to counteract this, however, is to use a powder over it, that will help lock it, and thus prevent smudging.

* Do not make the eyeliner the most obvious part of the eye make-up design unless it is called for ie theatre or fashion.

* Try not to line the inside rim of the lids, between the lash and the eye itself: It is messy and can be unhealthy for the cornea.

If the situation calls for it, however, eg a fashion photo shoot, you can or according to the design of make-up eg, a smokey eye effect.

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