Sunday 23rd July, 2006


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Growing up in Grenada’s countryside, Andy Grant was surrounded by boys who didn’t believe in themselves. Living in poverty with no books to even expand their thinking, they felt their future was hopeless. Grant looked around and decided that his future had hope and he was determined to make something of himself.

“I took myself out and tried to find some way I could make my dreams come true,” he said.

That way was through boxing. Training hard and representing his island first as a light heavyweight and then as a heavyweight boxer, Grant travelled internationally and was exposed to everything the world had to offer.

“I learned a lot of things, that changed my life,” he said.

Thanks to the boyfriend of a friend, Grant saw a chance to enter the world of modelling. The guy, a photographer who worked for clients such as Nike, used some shots of Grant in his portfolio and the response was so favourable, Grant migrated to the United States to try his hand at modelling.

Model Andy Grant

After a year and a half during of photo shoots during which time he appeared in his first music video, Grant came to T&T on the advice of his agent.

Since landing here, he has graced billboards and television advertisements and on Tuesday made his debut as a fashion model for the launch of Meiling’s 2006 resort collection.

He will also be a model for the upcoming Emerge fashion show.

Although he is busy making his career as a model, Grant has not forgotten his past and is continuing in T&T, a youth programme called Boys Open Mind to inspire disadvantaged boys to reach for the stars.

“Once you have an open mind for something new in your life, then you will do something for yourself,” he said.

The programme, which will begin next week at Servol and a boys’ home in Diego Martin, is about fitness and will comprise lessons of discipline and perseverance that Grant learned when he was a boxer.

This week WomanWise gets personal with this rising personality.

Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Marital status: Not yet married

Personal credo: Believe in yourself, once you get an opportunity work hard to fulfil it.

Best advice ever received: Just be strong, do what you have to do.

Secret fear: (Laughing) I don’t know.

Most influential person in your life: My family, especially my girlfriend. 

Best personality trait: I am very, very cool

Hobbies: running, training.

Favourite Food: I don’t have one but right now it’s vegetables and fruits.

Best book ever read: I am not really a reader.

Turn ons in woman: The person she is. She doesn’t have be beautiful, but she must have a good personality.

Turn offs in woman: I don’t like if she is too quarrelsome.

One place you would like to visit before you die: Africa.

Future plans: To change the world, change the youths’ lives, be a better person.

Interview: Laura Dowrich-Phillips

Photo: David Wears

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