Thursday 27th July 2006

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Posting service before profit

Local management team set to transform TTPost

It’s been seven years since the transformation of the local postal sector but TTPost has yet to record a profit...

BG View from the Editor

The end of poverty

A very recent publication by the Inter-American Development Bank provides some interesting insights into the issues of development in T&T...

Mixed Assets

Trinis cross Lebanese border

On Tuesday, I received this e-mail from a former colleague here at the Guardian who is in the thick of things in the Lebanon war...


T&T leading trade with DR

Five years after the Caricom/ Dominican Republic free trade agreement, the balance of trade still rests heavily in Caricom’s favour, according to Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas, president of the T&T/DR Chamber of Commerce...

Cross-border agreement

No decision yet on use of unitised gas

With last week’s announcement that T&T and Venezuela are close to reaching a unitisation agreement on the Loran/Manatee field, there is still no clear decision on whether Venezuela will allow some of its gas to be liquefied in T&T...

Amigo looks to network in T&T

Company pushes alternative healing

It has all the ingredients of the networking companies that have been in and out of the T&T market pushing health products and a “great business opportunity.” Yet the newest network marketing kid on the block has strode in with so much confidence into a market some may say has already had enough of this type of business, it is almost cocky...

Tiida and tomorrow

New car marks shift for Nissan and Neal & Massy Automotive Ltd

A new car was recently introduced by the Nissan Motor Company—the Nissan Tiida—a fusion of Japanese and European design and engineering. Tiida is a Japanese word which translates into English as “the changing tide.”

Manhattan of the Caribbean

Government plans financial centre for PoS waterfront

A mini-city with integrated living and office accommodation, a major trade centre and shopping malls are planned for the Port-of-Spain waterfront. This according to well-placed government sources...


Slow going for World Cup bookings...but surge expected

No one appears to be panicking, but the local hotel industry is reporting a surprisingly slow rate of bookings ahead of next year’s first-round Cricket World Cup (CWC) matches which take place in this country between March 15 and 25...

Carthy Portillo’s a master of all trades

Usually one to put men to shame, Carthy Portillo is known to squat 415 lbs and leaving with more energy to burn...

Union Club enters new era

After an absence of eight years, the Trinidad Union Club is now back on Independence Square, now in the elevated position of the penthouse suite of Nicholas Tower...


Interim costs in corporate oppression action

Prior to the passage of the Companies Act Chap 81:01, only very limited avenues were open to minority shareholders and other persons having a legitimate interest in a company to challenge effectively oppressive actions by the majority shareholder(s)...

Commentary and Analysis

Geopolitical turmoil and global energy markets

How bad can it get?

Everything seems to be going wrong at once in global energy markets. The conflict between Israel and Lebanon threatens to spiral into a Middle East war combined with bombings in India, North Korean missile tests, a tense standoff between the West and Iran over suspension of the latter’s nuclear program, ongoing trouble in the Niger delta, and it’s the start of another active Atlantic hurricane season...

With global tensions mounting…

It’s time to take stock

With hostilities mounting in the Middle East, missiles flying in North Korea, militia-led killing sprees in Baghdad and terrorist attacks in India, it is no wonder investors the world over are losing their appetites for stocks...

Information that leads to great investments

Wednesday, July 19. A regular trading day on the T&T Stock Exchange and given the fact that the day before just 390,388 shares were traded for a value of just $1.278 million everything was set for another futile and ultimately boring day at the office...

Ensuring local ownership of Mirant’s stake

The recent announcement by Mirant of its intention to sell its 39 per cent stake in PowerGen presents an opportunity for the involvement of local equity participation in the T&T power generation sector and, by extension, the energy sector. Mirant is also selling its shares in power companies in Jamaica, Bahamas, Curacao and the Philippines...

The skill to reform

Imagine that you are a blacksmith back in the day. Business is booming. You have several branch outlets and expert employees forging (pun intended) business for your benefit...

Government and agriculture

Tackling the growing concern of food prices

Very soon, budget time will be here again and there seems to be a general public perception that the Minister of Finance will seek to reduce duties and taxes on food before it is placed on the shelves of our wholesale and retail suppliers in an effort to reduce the cost to consumers...

The US and Internet gambling

Troubling face of globalisation

This month the world saw the troubling face of globalisation over Internet gambling. On one side of the coin is the desire by the US government to prohibit the cross-border delivery of Internet gambling services into the US...


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