Sunday 6th August, 2006

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A Thought on Confidence
“To have that sense of one’s intrinsic worth…is potentially to have everything…”
— Joan Didion

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A model frenzy

The Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago in particular, has long been hailed for its unique mix of people. From ebony beauties with faces that defy the traditional standards of good looks, to lighter-hued stunners with the rhythmic swing of their hips, this is a region blessed with beautiful people...


Female referee

On Wednesday, Shane De Silva, Trinidad and Tobago’s lone female football referee, will be off to work in the 2006 Women’s Under-20 World Cup in Russia...

Back to basics

As the world celebrates Breastfeeding Week, people around the world are being put on a code watch, to ensure manufacturers of baby food, bottles and teats do not violate the code that bans them from marketing such products....

Do you wanna be a model

There was a time when young ladies aspiring to develop full-fledged modelling careers used the beauty pageant route as a way of realising their dreams ...


Watch That Drink!

It’s been all over the Internet. Stories of local girls who have gone to popular night-clubs and ended up drugged, raped and left in their cars, club parking lots or in bathroom stalls...

Beautiful Eyes

Now this is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to applying eye-make-up, but if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to getting it perfect ...

Make the best of your holidays

Oh August, the holiday season! I’m on holiday and it shows… I don’t get up while the day is in single digits and I just don’t have to do anything at all...

Join an investment club

For some of us, investing can be quite intimidating, and while investment advisors and brokers can be great sources of advice, joining an investment club may well be worth considering...

Consider consequences

Sincere thank you for all the responses and words of wisdom stemming from last week’s article on infidelity. It appears that in spite of the Aids epidemic and all the other ills associated with having more than one sexual partner, infidelity is alive and well...

The on-going battle

For many people, weight loss is a chronic endeavour. Shedding pounds can be temporary, followed by a return of the weight. There are diets and “miracles” available. I have in the past made suggestions, which are intended to keep you in good health, energetic and lose some fat ...
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