Thursday 3rd August 2006

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Workers running short

National Canners Ltd could increase its production by as much as 50 per cent if it were not for a shortage of labour in T&T, said its joint managing director Jeremy Matouk...

BG View from the Editor

Saith on Alcoa

On Friday morning, after weeks of trying, I got hold of Energy Minister Lenny Saith, to discuss some of the points I raised in two columns this year concerning the proposal by Alcoa to establish a 341,000 tonne aluminium smelter in south western Trinidad...


NGC joins Caribbean gas pipeline project

Trevor Boopsingh, Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Caribbean Gas Pipeline Company Ltd (ECGPC) is pleased to announce that...

Manufacturing sector worrying Enill

The decline in the local manufacturing sector is one of the major worries facing Government as it prepares the budget for the next fiscal year...

Top UN rep sees nation-building as key

With ever increasing talk of regional integration, Haiti, Caricom, the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), migration of an educated workforce, free trade and the economic impact of HIV/Aids all bear on the minds of decision makers...

New CFO wanted for cash-strapped Liat

Chief Financial officer (CFO) of the cash-strapped Liat airline, Roland Blais, has stepped down. Blais’ resignation and departure from his post last Friday sparked speculation in the regional press that it was part of a shake-up of Liat’s top spots following the arrival of new chief financial officer Mark Darby...

TSTT partners with wireless communication provider

TSTT and Franklin Wireless Corporation, a wireless communication provider based in California, announced a distribution agreement and the launching of the first wireless CDMA 1XEV-DO USB modem...


Small entrepreneurs breaking borders

The term “CSME” will hardly ever arise in a conversation with The Hat Queen, Cheryl-Ann Johnson, but her experience as a premier manufacturer of woven caps and hats is known throughout the Southern Caribbean as part of an export thrust that thrives despite the faltering integration project...

Magazine company aims to move market

How do you take local magazines and books and make them international? Well, Camille Edwards and Sumayyah Gorib believe they have the answer and it’s as simple as distribution...

‘Love what you do’

“You have to love what you do,” said manager Heidi Assee who has been running her own business for the past seven years...


CJ’s case dismissed

In March 2006, the Chief Magistrate complained that the CJ had attempted to influence him in his decision in the prosecution of former Prime Minister, Basdeo Panday under the Integrity In Public Life Act, 1987...

Commentary and Analysis

Unprecedented wave of gas-based development

Over the next two years the Government plans a surge in activity in the downstream energy sector on an unprecedented scale...

Inside the decline in business confidence

The third quarter issue of our Corporate Confidence Indices (CCI) released this week shows a decline in five of the six economic dimensions examined. Just what are the implications of these findings? This week we will explore the significance of the variables which underpin the indices and show how they impact on the economic landscape...

Trade with the trends

The one constant about the United States equities markets is its unpredictability. Just when the market slipped below some record low price about three weeks ago and...

Linking stock market and economic growth

Economic growth is always the centre of attention of a country. This is because such growth is a necessary ingredient for higher incomes and living standards...

Emancipation from inflation

Slowing economy sends stocks soaring. Have you ever head of an investing headline that was more counter intuitive than that?

Research and Development Facility

Step in the right direction

Government has embraced the use of research, development and innovation as a means of creating an internationally competitive business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises in the non-petroleum sector...

Lebanon under fire but still resilient

Israeli military escalation against Hezbollah are exposing the very high vulnerabilities of the Lebanese economy, but also revealing the country’s resilience to shocks...

No tears for stalled WTO talks

No tears should be shed by small developing countries over the collapse on July 24 of trade negotiations at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). There was very little in it for them...


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