Thursday 3rd August 2006


Magazine company aims to move market

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How do you take local magazines and books and make them international? Well, Camille Edwards and Sumayyah Gorib believe they have the answer and it’s as simple as distribution.

Both women now head a local company, named Moving Magazines Ltd and as the name implies, it does just that.

The company’s focus is on the regional and international distribution and promotion of Caribbean-based books and magazines.

And that’s just the start, said Edwards.

The company, which was launched in April, intends to extend its services to include consultancy which will advise magazine owners on layout and content to create a more effective product, marketing and promotion of products through distribution outlets and management of all financial duties related to distribution on behalf of the publisher.

“What we are able to do is immediately tell whether a product is going to be successful or not in the region and the international market based on content. So we can suggest whether a product should be marketed in the Caribbean to begin and once it establishes itself, we can launch it internationally,” said Gorib.

The women came together at the Toute Bagai Publishing house, producers of Maco Caribbean Living and Maco Destinations, where Gorib, 25, worked in distribution and Edwards, 32, was hired after returning home from a ten-year stint in a US distributing firm.

They both joined forces to target an untapped market in local publishing: distribution.

“We complement each other,” said Gorib.

She explained while she has more than six years in regional experience with a knowledge of vendors and distribution, Edwards was able to make contact with the publishers in larger markets.

Their claim to fame is how they’ve managed to increase the regional distribution of the Maco magazines by seven per cent and their international distribution by 30 per cent.

“Maco Caribbean Living and Maco Destinations had recently expanded their distribution to include Mexico, Panama, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany,” Ghorib noted.

She explained that Moving Magazines filled a much needed niche in Caribbean publishing for publishers who wish to penetrate the Caribbean market, while placing an emphasis on visibility, increased sales and product management.

“We are using Maco, which is one of the most successful local products, to help establish ourselves. We are still working on expanding Toute Bagai’s territorial presence,” said Edwards.

But first they are targeting the smaller publishers.

“There are many independent publishers who need their hand held along the way of publishing and marketing. What we can do is help guide a publication, we have our own marketing schemes and are in talks with major retailers,” said Edwards.

She said they soon hoped to have their own racks in drug stores with the logos which they hope will educate the public on their product.





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