Thursday 3rd August 2006


‘Love what you do’

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Heidi Assee

Photo: Nicole Orr

By Nicole Orr

“You have to love what you do,” said manager Heidi Assee who has been running her own business for the past seven years.

“It is a good way of building your self-esteem. With persistence and commitment the results could not be sweeter.”

Situated on Church Street, Arima, Assee, with encouragement from her mom opened Hair’s Heidi Beauty Salon after spending seven years with Michael and Gloria Beauty Salon & School.

“I wanted a challenge, I needed growth and the time came for me to move on,” said Assee.

Moving from Port-of-Spain to Arima posed a challenge, as Assee had to build a cliental. Nevertheless, she said, “I thought it would have been harder.

“With hard work, dedication and support from friends and family I created an image and the customers kept flowing.”

The mother of a six-month-old baby girl started her education in the field at Arima Senior Comprehensive School, at the time not thinking that she would have her own business soon.

The job

Manager, hairstylist.

Management challenges

Human resources. Constant rise in product prices with the inability to pass it on to the customer. Competitive environment.

Favourite part of the job

Customer satisfaction.

Waste of time

Low level of productivity.

Successful manager

One who creates a welcoming and happy environment for customers and employees.

What makes a lasting impression?

Quality service and professionalism.

Team-building practices

Sharing of ideas, constant interaction with one another, not only on a formal basis, but also informal.

How do people show

pride in their work?

By working to perfection.


resolving tip

Talk it out.

How do you encourage employee development?

I do not hold back on knowledge. Whatever I have learnt—and still learning—I teach my employees. I also encourage them to keep learning, to constantly seek knowledge to stay abreast of the market.

Employee retention tip

Once people are happy and comfortable with an environment they will keep coming back.

Career-building advice

Love what you do.

Personal philosophy

Do your best and let God do the rest.

What do you look for

in a job candidate?

Willingness to learn, team player and good interpersonal skills.


Everything is achievable once you work at it.





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