Thursday 3rd August 2006


New CFO wanted for cash-strapped Liat

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Chief Financial officer (CFO) of the cash-strapped Liat airline, Roland Blais, has stepped down. Blais’ resignation and departure from his post last Friday sparked speculation in the regional press that it was part of a shake-up of Liat’s top spots following the arrival of new chief financial officer Mark Darby.

During a news conference in Antigua earlier this month, Darby told regional media it would not be business as usual for the airline as it sought to become “an efficiently marketed, commercially led business.”

He stated that the airline was optimistic about getting the Export Development Corporation (EDC) of Canada to “eliminate” about half of the approximately $62.6 million the airline owes it.

Blais was an integral member of the negotiations with the EDC and what, if any, effect his departure will have on the progress of the negotiations waits to be seen.

He had said at the time that based on preliminary discussions when he was in Canada, a minimum of half that debt would be eliminated by the Canadian government.

Advertisements for a new Liat CFO have been running in the newspapers for the last two weeks. (CH)

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