Monday 7th August, 2006

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New mayor to tackle negatives in Arima

His vision for Arima may appear to be somewhat idealistic. But newly-appointed mayor Adrian Cabralis believes that the eastern borough has to be restored to its once pristine grandeur if it is to play a key role in the Government’s Vision 2020 objective...

Crime & Court

Chamber calls for cameras along East/West Corridor

The Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce is again calling on the Ministry of National Security to install security cameras along the East/West Corridor and on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway...

Other News

New policy to rate English teachers

A new policy of assessing prospective English language and literature teachers has been implemented...

Queen Kelly sparkles in Caribana sun

They say that when the pavement glitters with gold, you know you’ve got it made. Yesterday, at the starting line of the Caribana parade, that was certainly the feeling, the Toronto Star reported...

Another call to keep Trinity Cross

With just a few weeks to go before the annual Independence awards, a call is being made for the retention of the Trinity Cross as this country’s highest award...

New group offers youth skills training

The newly-formed Youth Empowerment Foundation is offering free training in personal enhancement skills to youths throughout the Caribbean...

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