Thursday 28th September 2006

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Regional rescue for agriculture

No one is expecting miracles, but the regional agriculture sector is hoping that a more cohesive approach to its declining fortunes will assist in regaining important ground lost mainly through indifferent policy guidelines and priorities...

BG View from the Editor

Budget must promote thrift

In retrospect, one of the biggest disappointments of the fiscal measures in the 2006 Budget, which comes to an end on Saturday, is that the balance in the T&T economy was shifted in favour of spending by T&T workers and away from savings and investment...

Mixed Assets

Supermarkets making minimal profits

On Wednesday morning we received a letter from Joseph Kong Ting, a well-known grocer who operates in Curepe, reacting to last week’s BG View headlined “A Wal-Mart budget.”


BWIA and the powers that be

A few years ago, on April 24, 2003, I wrote an article about BWIA and where I thought things had gone wrong. More on this at the end...


Tour of duty

Local operators focus on quality

With a renewed focus on promoting the local tourism industry by the Tourism Development Company (TDC), local tour operators are just one of the businesses gearing up for the traffic...

Sunset legislation coming to Parliament

Sunset legislation to give the Ministers of Sports, security forces and the Cricket World Cup organisers certain powers to host an efficient mega-event will go to Parliament before month’s end...

T&T heads Summit of Americas

T&T earlier this month assumed the presidency of the Summit of the Americas process and will host the fifth Summit of the Americas in 2009...

RIC reviewed by Jamaican counterpart

The Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) has come under scrutiny from its Jamaican counterpart, Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR)...

Overcoming colonialism

We need own path—ACS head

One of the biggest obstacles the Caribbean region faces is its past, according to Association of Caribbean States Secretary General Dr Ruben Silie Valdez...


Chinese in charge

Alutrint has limited say on number of T&T construction workers

One of the Government’s major selling points for its planned Alutrint aluminium complex at Union Estate has been employment...

Harper is...

Managing it all

Born in England during the 60s to Trinidadian father and Grenadian mother, Karen Alleyne-Harper was the second of two children...


‘Let’s focus on food-crop farming’

Mr Rampersad Motilal, CEO of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd, was re-elected as President of the South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce at the AGM on September 21, 2006 at Cara Suites Hotel. Following is his acceptance speech...

Commentary and Analysis

Common sense investing

Client: I would like to invest but I want something safe. What do you have to offer? Investor: What do you mean by safe?

Who benefits?

Economics and the prevention of HIV

The issue of the impact of HIV/Aids on the national population and, by extension, business has long been of concern to the chamber and we have periodically have written on the topic...

Asia takes centre stage

There was a time when the world looked West. Not any more. Now the East is beginning to appear a lot more interesting. Not only because of the performance of certain characters on stage—India and China—but also due to its ramifications on the global economic scene...

Cuba—an economic tiger?

US President George W Bush and UN Secretary-General, Kofi Anan, talked on September 19 about the possibility that Cuba “could once again be an economic tiger in the Caribbean.”

Environmental impact assessments

Overview and effectiveness

There is a list of activities for which a certificate of environmental clearance (CEC) from the Environmental Management Authority is required...


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