Thursday 19th October 2006

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Caribbean Airlines gets ready

No room for error

Anticipation for Caribbean Airlines is the countdown for 66-year-old national carrier BWIA. The execution process is well underway as negotiations between unions and BWIA’s management have been resolved and the new hummingbird logoed look launched on Monday...

BG View from the Editor

Persistent poverty

Christ church, Barbados: Social Development Minister Anthony Roberts, in one of the few contributions by a government minister to the 2007 Budget debate, said that 17 per cent of this country’s population was living below the poverty line in 2005...

Mixed Assets

Where’s the middle ground?

I am not a prophet of doom and gloom. I don’t believe that T&T’s economy is going to come to a sudden, crashing halt with everyone fending for himself...


Continental banking on diversity

Assistant Business Editor Luis Araujo recently spoke to Pete Garcia, Continental Airlines staff vice-president—Latin America and the Caribbean. Garcia was in Houston to take part in Marriott’s Global Pursuits programme which showcased services offered by the Marriott and Continental...

Contractors raise questions over bpTT/N&M deal

Mayaro and Guayaguayare were once fishing villages but, ever since bpTT, through its predecessor company Amoco, discovered huge deposits of crude oil off the East coast and subsequently natural gas, the energy sector has been the lifeblood of these villages...

UWI economist Pantin now a professor

The formal opening of the anniversary conference of the Sustainable Economic Development Unit (Sedu) at UWI on Monday, turned into a warm personal tribute to two academics: one who led the unit for ten years and the other who was credited with inspiring its formation...

TATT to set interconnect rates for TSTT, Digicel

Its been almost six months since Digicel entered the local market and has not yet achieved interconnection rates with TSTT...


Caribbean forum wants better labour compliance

Barbados—Regional governments, labour unions and employers’ groups have agreed that improved compliance with domestic labour laws and regulations is needed to ensure acceptable labour standards are promoted...

Breaking ties, forming bonds

Netherlands antilles thinks caribbean

Change has embraced the Caribbean. Regionalists are no longer theoretical, a single market is not the dream of a former colonial power but that of post-independent territories and countries divided by sea and air are painstakingly narrowing the gap....

Effecting efficiency

Chamber sees progress at port

Two years ago, it took the average importer up to 15 days to clear his container of goods. Nowadays, the Port of Port-of-Spain has reduced that to 12 days...

Career coach Wendy Weber will…

Help you find your purpose

“Although the work was interesting and the pay was good, I didn’t feel I was fulfilling my true purpose in life,” said occupational psychologist Wendy Weber...


Default judgment binding

In 1999, there was a collision between two cars driven by Mr Hector and Ms Bhagoutie. Both Mr Hector and Fenton Simon who was a passenger in Mr Hector’s car were injured...

Commentary and Analysis

Apology for slavery would set new agenda

Should the present United Kingdom (UK) government apologise for Britain’s role in the slave trade which, on March 25 next year, would have been abolished for 200 years? That’s one of the questions that an advisory committee chaired by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, will be grappling with this month...

Still not smooth sailing

A couple of weeks ago I did a nine-month review of the T&T Stock Market. Today, we pay similar attention to the US and other international markets...

Emotion: the enemy of investing

The key to successful investing is to limit your losses and protect your gains. Sounds easy enough, so why do investors cling to stocks that have declined even though they have little confidence that they will recover?

S&P affirms credit rating

T&T gets another positive review

The T&T economy received another positive review by international rating agency, Standard and Poor’s recently...

Budget 2007 gives...

Worrying signs on production

The 2006/2007 Budget was presented against the backdrop of public concerns about inflation, traffic congestion, crime and other social ills...

Declining competitiveness, but what are we doing about it?

Two events integral to the economic future of T&T occurred recently. The first was the release of the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with Lok Jack GSB, followed closely by the 2006/2007 Budget delivered by Prime Minister Patrick Manning...





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