Thursday 19th October, 2006


Tableland love triangle claims third victim

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The Tableland love triangle has claimed its third victim. Devica Mahabir died on Tuesday, a week after she was tortured, raped and set afire by her abusive husband Anil Mahabir who went on a rampage, killing her (Devica’s) lover Robin Maharaj before committing suicide.

She suffered first degree burns to her face, chest, back, arms and legs when her husband set their house on fire with both of them inside.

Mahabir spent six days hooked up to life support machines at Cocorite Community Hospital, with doctors offering little hope for her recovery.

Devica’s mother Deokie Lalman confirmed her death at around 4 pm on Tuesday.

She said she believed her daughter died from a broken heart as well as from the injuries she sustained.

Lalman said after Mahabir learnt that the stab wounds inflicted on her lover, by her husband, was fatal, she gave up on life.

“I went to see her in Cocorite but the doctors were treating her and they didn’t allow me to see her... Then I heard that she died,” Lalman cried yesterday.

Anil stabbed Maharaj three times about the back, face and neck.

He then dragged Devica back to their matrimonial home where he cut off her hair, raped her and tried to get her to drink a poisonous substance.

Devica pretended to consume the liquid but hid it under a mat in the bathroom.

Mahabir, thinking she drank the liquid, locked the bathroom door, doused the house with kerosene and then set it afire.

He died in the blaze but Devica, a doctor’s receptionist at Chaguanas, was pulled out of the burning house by police.

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