Friday 22nd December, 2006


Wesley George

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Understanding Christmas

This year I’ve made it abundantly clear that stocks will be brought primarily for the occupants of the home and visiting friends are free to partake whist stocks last.

Well, it is that time of year again—for some an exciting time and for others (like me) a frustrating one.

There is indeed something special about Christmas, something that goes beyond the mere traditions of the cleaning of the house or the giving of presents. There is a collective happiness that is felt by all and a tendency to want to make others happy as well.

This is not my reality, though, as I am often confused by the action of many during this season.

For me Christmas time has never really been much of an exciting time. Why? The concept of “house work” says it all. My mother usually takes holidays around this time with the intention of working me into the ground.

That was in the past though. I work now, so I leave home a little earlier than usual and, unfortunately, get back really late. This year she caught on and designed a night shift for me.

From where did this tradition of house cleaning come? I’ve never seen anything supporting it in the Bible. And why do we have to wait until a week before Christmas Day? All this for one day? What’s going on throughout the year that prevents such maintenance?

High food prices, my foot! This was my thoughts after doing some shopping the other day. Yes, for my mother. People were going crazy in the supermarket, quarrelling about the prices while still filling up the carts.

I felt a bit out of place with my one cart at the cashier, as people arrived with two carts and hand baskets as well. One guy actually looked at my cart and asked me to go over to the one-to-ten items counter, because other people in my line really had a lot to cash.

The apples and grapes venders don’t appear to be doing that badly either, although grapes are $10 a pound with seeds and $18 a pound without.

I’ve since developed an allergic reaction to grapes and I’m experimenting with some apple seeds because I keep getting insults from the fruit venders whenever I ask the price.

I was made to understand that a furniture and appliances store is sold out and has delivery orders backed up till February.

This happens every year at this time. Why? Am I to understand that people change their furniture annually? If so, then I’m really out of sorts because I haven’t seen a new piece of furniture in my house for years.

This gift-giving thing, what is the real deal with that? I know some of my friends in the league are pulling their hair, eyes and wallets out wondering what present to get me but really, there is no need for all that.

I suppose I never really got into it since I’ve been getting socks and shirts for the past ten years. However, this year I decided to go against my natural inclination and get something special for all my friends and loved ones.

Yes, cards, and not just any cards, Hallmark cards. I saw a great deal in the mall for a pack and just could not resist. Of course you know the thing about this season is not what you give, but it is the thought that counts.

My good friend Joel Primus sought my advice on what present to get a girl he likes so, instinctively, I said get her a card, man. I then took the liberty of choosing one of Hallmark’s very best for him and even wrote it up. He seems to have caught on and bought a pack of cards. But I hope it works out with the girl as I forgot to take off the $12.95 price tag,

Another aspect of the season that just confuses me is the invasion of my personal space, namely my house, and the rationing of the holiday stocks.

This year I’ve made it abundantly clear that stocks will be brought primarily for the occupants of the home and visiting friends are free to partake whist stocks last.

Mum is still trying to come to terms with it but I had to put my foot down on this issue. Why must I restrain myself from eating that black cake or drinking a malta because somebody might pass by at some time? I know that there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way.

As I am on this point, all of you who have threatened to invade my home this season, please be advised that you would have to provide your own music and food. If you are in time, I might still have some soft drink around to help you out but that is not a promise.

Despite my lack of understanding for the behaviour of many around this time, I must admit a small part of me looks forward to this season every year. We must not forget, however, the real gift that we celebrate on December 25—the gift of Jesus Christ.

Let us remember that he was born to die for the atonement of our sins so that God the Father can fellowship with us as he did with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Well, happy holidays to all and a have safe and enjoyable Christmas season.

Wesley George is the education officer of the PNM National Youth League







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