Sunday 24th December, 2006


Be sensitive to others this season

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Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? For some of us, that’s what Christmas is like. For the lonely, the depressed or the disadvantaged, this is often a season which highlights the negative side of life.

With all the bright lights and festivities, it’s easy to forget that not everyone gets into the Christmas spirit. While we shouldn’t let others’ lack of enjoyment of the season destroy our own good cheer, that’s no excuse for being insensitive to the needs of others. For example, blasting Christmas carols at top volume on the stereo, is not kind to the invalid next door, who may hate the noise, but may not be able to get up to complain.

We could be a bit more thoughtful, too, in our gift-giving. Extravagance is fine, but it may embarrass someone to get a gift they could never hope to match. Not that the holiday is an opportunity for one-upmanship — this isn’t a competition to see who can give the most extraordinary present, but a time to give tokens of real affection and regard.

Hopefully, we can keep that last bit in mind when we unwrap our presents tomorrow, God willing. After all, it’s the thought — not the gift — that counts.

In this Christmas issue, we revisit some of the wonderful women who have graced our pages in the past year, as they share with WomanWise some of their favourite seasonal memories (Page 5). We continue to show you the best in holiday looks (Cover and Page 8). And we listen to some of the voices of the single — but not necessarily lonely — at Christmas (Page 7).

Though Christmas is here and many of us will be all shopped out, our shopping showcase

continues with a sample of the fine goods from Shangri-La (Page 14). And we bring you the fashions from Nedco’s Toute Moun expo

(Page 9).

Above all, we at WomanWise take this opportunity to wish all of our readers, families and friends the very best Christmas ever.

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