Sunday 24th November, 2006


The many looks of Christmas

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Christmas, Christmas. How I love Christmas. Well I hope everyone is doing their final preparations for that big day, when we celebrate Christ and all who are dear to us.

Now, before I give you ladies some more colour combinations to go with your beautiful Christmas outfits, let me take this time to wish you all the very merriest Christmas. May it be filled with love and peace. Do not let the bright lights of Christmas blind you from the real reason we celebrate. You may not give or receive the most expensive gifts, but just to say or hear I love you is sometimes the most valuable gift we can ever share.

THE SILVER GOWN — This gown is perfect for that special dinner.

The eyes should have a sexy, dazzle effect when wearing a silver dress, so use black, crystal and silver eye shadow. The lips should be the right hue to fit into this look. You can use a baby pink, shimmery lip gloss or a nude lip gloss that has glitter. This will dazzle, but not take away from the impact of all that glam.

THE WHITE GOWN — The type of gown to be worn to an award function.

You can wear almost anything with white, there isn’t a colour that won’t look great, but be warned, there is such a thing as overkill, and you do not want a face screaming: “Look at me!” for all the wrong reasons. So I’ll suggest a couple of combos that you can try for this look.

Use pastel peach, a very light pink and deep brown, or try a dark purple, soft violet and satin white, use the darkest shade very mildly before applying the other colours. The lips can be cranberry red mixed with a light copper gloss. This tends to make the lips have a sexy pout while ensuring that they are in sync with the holiday trends.



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