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First Citizens sees $341 million in profits

First Citizens’ non-performing loans is 0.8 per cent.

BG View from the Editor

What’s good for Guyana...

IN a commentary headlined, “Why pause for a cause?”


Stock Exchange turns 25 Market still ‘narrow and thin’

Market capitalisation on the T&T Stock Exchange has grown significantly over the last few years to the point where it has influenced savings and investment available on the market...

Joe Laquis’s mobile company gets another new partner

Laqtel tries again

Laqtel’s beginning... again...

Central Bank appoints new inspector

Carl Hiralal has been appointed to the post of Inspector of Financial Institutions at the Central Bank...

Full speed ahead for rapid rail

Arguments for and against the Government’s proposed rapid rail have been gathering steam during the past month...

Govt sidesteps feasibility studies

The dragging crawl of after-work traffic on the Churchill Roosevelt or Uriah Butler Highways...

Worst bid round in T&T’s history Energy experts blame Govt strategy and timing

The refusal of most of the world’s major oil and gas to bid on the deep water is not a reflection of the area’s prospects.



Reckless to place smelter on aquifer

Compelling evidence that this country faces a crisis of formidable magnitude, moral as well as environmental, is the unequivocal approval by the Minister of Public Utilities as regards the construction of an aluminium smelter on top of the Erin aquifer.


Commentary and Analysis

Living a Fuller life

Educated at St Theresa’s in Woodbrook, Yvette Fuller went onto secretarial college, later migrating to Canada at age 18 where she pursued a legal secretarial career. She majored in litigation, family and criminal law...

Workplace duty of care and responsibility

HCA 168 of 2003; Ray Williams v Mayor, Aldermen, Councillors and Citizens of the City of Port-of-Spain; before Justice Best; Judgment dated October 2006.

Bourse Securities Ltd Mutual Fund Review

local energy mutual funds Still a fruitful investment

Time and time again local market commentators have bemoaned the lack of locally available investment opportunities generally but, particularly, in the energy sector for the individual investor.

Brand it

...for competitive advantage

Branding is a way to differentiate your company, product or service from competitors and to provide it with a personality that is both unique and appealing to potential customers.

US dollar falls under scrutiny

The recent depreciation of the US dollar can be attributed to many economic provoking factors...

Planning for retirement

We are into the Christmas/ end of year season where bonuses, a salary advance and increased spending is the order of the day. It is also a time when one should take time to reflect on the year that is about to depart.

WIGUT: Chamber misinformed

We refer to the commentary appearing in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce column published in the December 7 Business Guardian. The writer of the article “One law governs all,” appears to be misinformed...

British Airways honours top producers

British Airways is ending the year on a high note with special tribute being paid to local travel agents...

Liquidity and the stock market

Understanding liquidity is an essential part of investing as this can explain some of the obstacles investors are plagued with especially when investing in our market...

Corporate social responsibility Balancing economic and social development

The STCIC is the first indigenous organisation in T&T to become a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative...



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