Saturday 17th February, 2007



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Choc’late tells students be careful for Carnival

Anti-crime activist Choc’late Allen interacts with students of Asja Girls’ College, San Fernando, yesterday.
Photo: Tony Howell

Choc’late’s advice

Be careful over the Carnival weekend

Don’t look down at people

Stereotyping seriously affecting young people


ANTI-CRIME activist and inspirational speaker, young Choc’late Allen yesterday urged students to stay focused and not get caught up in the Carnival frenzy.

As part of her motivational school tour, Choc’late visited the Anjuman Sunnat ul Jamaat Association (Asja) Girls’ College in San Fernando where she spoke to a small gathering of students.

But the entire student population seemed very excited to see Choc’late, calling out to her and waving.

Thirteen-year-old Choc’late told students that stereotyping was seriously affecting young people. “People must not judge a person by where they live, how they dress, what school they attend,” she said.

Choc’late added: “You cannot look down at a person unless you intend to help pick them up.” She inquired from the students what they thought were some of the negative things affecting them.

Some of their answers were “teenage pregnancy, Aids and fighting.”

Choc’late advised the students to be careful over the Carnival weekend. “You have to remain 100 per cent crime free and be positive at all times,” she said.

Speaking afterwards with the Guardian, Choc’late said she would not be participating in Carnival, but she would probably watch it on television.

She said she would use that time to work with Caribbean Vision and to focus on her education. She said the feedback from her tours had been overwhelming and she had been receiving e-mails and letters from young people seeking advice and help.

“I don’t have all the answers but I try to assist them the best way I could,” she said.

Within the past four weeks Choc’late has visited 20 schools and she intends to visit 20 more before she ends her tour, as part of her 100 Per Cent Crime Free campaign.

Anyone wishing to assist Choc’late Allen with her anti-crime campaign

can call 696-0619 or e-mail her at [email protected]

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