Thursday 1st March, 2007


Paul: No extra $$ for World Cup cops

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Without mincing words, Police Commissioner Trevor Paul made it clear yesterday that officers deployed to work specifically for the ICC Cricket World Cup locally will not be paid extra duty allowances.

However, their 60 colleagues assigned to work with regional counterparts in various Caribbean islands will be paid US$30 daily, plus salaries and possibly overtime.

These officers will also be given free accommodation and meals, Paul said.

But President of the Police Social and Welfare Association Cpl Cedric Neptune is insisting that lawmen were, in fact, permitted to collect extra duty allowances for duties performed in T&T during the Cricket World Cup.

In an interview yesterday, Neptune said the event—expected to start on March 5—was of “a private nature” and officers were entitled to their allowances.

It is a private organisation making the arrangements, so obviously officers must be paid extra duty,” said Neptune.

But in a hastily-called press conference, Paul explained that because the cricketing body entered into an arrangement with the T&T Government, by extension, police officers assigned to work during the World Cup will be working for the State.

The question of extra duty, therefore, does not arise,” said Paul.

He explained that extra duty was paid when officers volunteered to carry out their services on behalf of a promoter.

But in this case, officers are carrying out their functions on behalf of the State,” Paul reiterated.

Neptune also made the claim that the association wrote to the CoP’s office, expressing their concerns but were yet to receive a response from Paul.

But a tough-talking Paul said on February 7, that members of the association were present at a meeting planned specifically for the Cricket World Cup, to be held locally.

He said no concerns for overtime or extra duties were raised.

Regarding the selection of officers, Paul said they were chosen from a cross-section of the Police Service and were specially trained.

We cannot have people who are unprofessional to carry out the job,” Paul said.

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