Thursday 22nd March, 2007

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How Private Healthcare Bleeds The Sick And Infirm

The dismal faces in the crowded waiting rooms of hospitals and clinics across the country tell their story...

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BG View from the Editor

Who understands Jamaicans?

ON a Jamaican radio station on Monday, one of the hosts asked me what I thought about the trade war that some elements in the north Caribbean country (including the editorial writers of a major newspaper) are pushing their government to declare on T&T...

LNG trials and elusive MOUs

The announcement earlier this month by the Government that it will not be able to provide LNG to Jamaica by 2009, because of its own domestic demands, produced heated exchanges carried in the major newspapers of both countries...


Coroporate Ladder

New appointments at Caribbean Airlines

Francois Pariseau has been appointed marketing director at Caribbean Airlines effective March 26...



T&T embarks on new phase in construction


The Government’s drive to make Port-of-Spain the financial hub of the Caribbean has seen an unprecedented growth in the construction of high-rise buildings...

T&T has most affordable cellphone rates—study

T&T can boast of having the most affordable pre-paid mobile phone rates in the region, according to a market analysis study by telecommunications consultancy firm Signals Telecom Consultancy...



Customers beware

Banks can change overdraft practice without notice

In 1997, Budget began operating a current account with FCB at its Gulf City Branch and negotiated an overdraft of $50,000 to assist with working capital requirements for the business...



CBTT on the offensive

Inflation is declining, albeit, slowly; interest rates are fairly stable and liquidity in the domestic financial system is getting tighter—all the objectives of the Central Bank (CBTT) when it made the decision to shift its policy and focus...


bourse mutual fund review

Open look at closed-end funds

Closed-end funds have been around for more than 100 years...

India, Asia and the emerging markets

Investing in the emerging markets is once again the focus for investors...


Energy services sector

Expansion continues

The energy services sector survey for the Q4 of 2006 indicates a continuation of the overall positive expansionary trend that was observed in the second and third quarters of 2006..


Understanding margin trading

This is one of the key principles you need to keep in mind for margin trading. Margin trading is, in fact, a tool that can be used to generate a larger return on an equity investment than you would have been able to achieve on your own...

Keeping our blood flowing

By promoting a nationally co-ordinated transfusion service

The work of the National Blood Transfusion Service (NTBS) is of critical importance to the nation...

Medical tourism:

Chance to address many ills

Many of the state-owned and operated hospitals in the Caribbean are in poor condition...



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