Sunday 25th March, 2007


Market Brokers lead

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Activity on the floor of the Stock Exchange was considerably less (65.41 per cent) than the week’s prior volume of 5,023,310. Last week, actually saw a total of 1,737,662 shares changing ownership worth $42,795,500.21.

The Indices were mixed as the Composite Index continued to trend downward while the All T&T Index advanced.

The Composite Index was down 0.84 per cent to 917.9024 while the All T&T Index rose 1.14 per cent to 1,163.2812. This was in part due to the fact that the market capitalisation of FirstCaribbean Bank Ltd (FCIB) would have fallen last week as a result of FCIB’s decline in share price.

This would have had a marked effect on the Composite Index as FCIB currently has the largest market capitalisation on the market.

The All T&T Index would not have been affected by this as FCIB is a cross-listed company. Advances were outpaced by declines by an eight to 13 margin.

Volumes were led by a traditional driver of the market as Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) commanded 40.26 per cent of all trades with 699,657 shares changing ownership.

Republic Bank Ltd followed with a total of 412,907 shares changing hands, which was 23.76 per cent of the market. The majority of these shares were traded on the last trading day of the week.

Following was RBTT Financial Holdings Ltd with a total of 124,420 shares changing ownership, which was 7.16 per cent of the market.

After declining 5.62 per cent last week to $28.03, RBTT retracted its negative strides to emerge as this week’s major advance. This share moved up 7.14 per cent or $2 closing at $30.03.

Following was Prestige Holdings Ltd, which continued to advance closing 6.15 per cent higher than the previous week’s close of $5.20.

Also continuing to move upward was Ansa McAl Ltd (AMCL), which rose $1.50 or 3.13 per cent to $49.50.

Declines were led by Flavorite Foods Ltd (FFL), which fell 50 cents or 9.80 per cent to $4.60 over a volume of 4,000 shares. The last time FFL saw a price change was on October 3, 2006 when it fell 4 cents from $5.14.

GraceKennedy Ltd followed dropping 49 cents or 8.18 per cent to $5.50. There was no change in the price of this share in Jamaica.

FCIB Ltd was next declining 65 cents or 5.70 per cent to $10.75.

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