Saturday 5th May, 2007


Moonilal: Corbeaux in the programme


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Cepep contractors are now moonlighting as bailors, claims Oropouche MP Dr Roodal Moonilal.

During his contribution in the Lower House yesterday, Moonilal left the MPs and members of the public gallery in stitches as they guffawed at his remarks.

Moonilal was speaking on a private motion brought to the House by Caroni East MP Ganga Singh on Cepep having been subjected to an audit by the Auditor General.

Moonilal said the idea of Cepep was to create entrepreneurs who were facilitated by the State, and not created.

However, he said, this was not the case with Cepep contractors.

“You know some of these entrepreneurs they create, you know where you can find them if you’re looking for them,” he said.

“Go in the Magistrates Court in San Fernando, and when they ask ‘you have bail’? When they say yes and they ask the bailor, ‘What is your job? I am a Cepep contractor.

“They are taking bail in the San Fernando Magistrates Court in charges from possession of firearm, guns and possession of drugs.

“That is where Cepep contractors are…That is how you can identify them,” Moonilal said, as he chuckled along.

The MP said Cepep was created as a political device to prevent people from turning to crime.

“But, Mr Speaker, if you do not build the values to prevent people from turning to crime, people would just take the Cepep and URP money and help finance crime,” he said.

Moonilal said in changing the mindset to and against crime, there must be a value system involved.

“Don’t threaten that if you don’t get Cepep money you will commit a robbery,” he said.

“Mr Speaker, when you keep corbeaux as pets eventually they will dig out your eye.

“That is what they did...They go and keep corbeaux as pets and then they come and dig out their eye and then wonder what has happened to crime.

“That is the genesis of the criminal element we face...They were keeping corbeaux as pets.”

However, this did not seem to stand too well with Speaker Barry Sinanan as he addressed Moonilal.

“I hope I’m wrong...I hope you were not inferring that Cepep workers were corbeaux, but if you were, I hope that is not what you intended to do,” Sinanan said.

Moonilal responded quickly that this was not his intention.

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