Friday 27th July, 2007

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Posted: 25-07-07

Q: Would you like to see Laventille redeveloped?


Yes. But it will mean big dollars to get rid of the area’s inhabitants. First they came in illegally, mostly from Grenada, and now they will be paid handsomely to move.


I would like to hear Patrick Manning answer this: why is it that every time the people of this country ask for something to be done by his administration, instead of doing what is asked they tell the people what they are going to do. The people of Laventille are asking for development but he is talking about “redevelopment,” which seems to be a “con” since he has not talked about where he is going to put these people—or whether they will be returned after the area is “redeveloped.”


CERTAINLY. After the people of Laventille have been moved out and the area redeveloped, then people who are unable to buy homes in Westmoorings and such places can move in. And redeveloped Laventille can then be renamed Eastmoorings.

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