Sunday 29th July, 2007

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A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
— Francis Bacon

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Notes from the editor

Another week is on the horizon and it is a special week for those of us who revel in being African...


Your story on Chevaughn Joseph and her family (Child’s death births cancer foundation) was truly inspiring...


Sherma Wilson stands up for her community

“He placed the gun at the centre of my forehead and I heard a crack,” Sherma Wilson recounted...

Dream to help children turns into booming business

Convinced that her invention would revolutionise the way children learnt, Olive Reyes-Clarke had traversed the length and breadth of Trinidad back in 1995, in a single-handed attempt to market her product...

Classical violinist to stage concert

At eight, Marie-Noelle Wharton fell in love with violin. At age ten, then a resident of Houston, Texas, USA, where her father Stanley worked in the oil industry, she joined the Houston Youth Orchestra where she participated in classical concerts at the University of Houston and Rice University in Texas...

Are you a romance writer?

If you have always dreamed of writing a romance novel, here’s your chance. To coincide with the launch of Roslyn Carrington’s new book Then I Found You, local publishers Prospect Press is calling on all aspiring writers to compose a 1,500-word short story under Taylor’s title Then I Found You...

Arima Borough Queen pageant makes a comeback

The Arima Borough Queen pageant, which has taken the back seat for quite a while in the borough, makes its return tonight at the Arima Senior Comprehensive School starting at 7 pm...

Words of comfort

The first poem she wrote was to her daughters Danae and Ariahn. It was titled To My Children...


Parenting like a pro

I’ve just finished the most fun parenting course, Love and Logic, and I’m so glad I did it. I don’t have any little ones at home to contend with (except if you count the dogs, who never listen to me anyway)...

Open your heart

The image lingers — her wide, white skirt falling in graceful folds over her white leotard. With her head held high and a confident look she declares: “Dancing is my oxygen...

Francesca Hawkins ... media beauty

Every time she comes into the dressing room, Francesca Hawkins lights it up. A senior news anchor at CNC3, Hawkins has had an illustrious career in media and continues to do so...

Greener grass on your side of the fence

In my last column, I described how to create a beautiful lawn using grass seed. Well, instead of seeds, you can also use grass tufts or plugs. The preparation of the soil is the same. It’s just the planting that’s different...

Polycystic ovary syndrome... every woman’s nightmare

The thought of not being able to conceive children makes most women — and, let’s face it, most men — freeze in their tracks...

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