Thursday 26th July, 2007

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Big spenders fly out

Hotspots: New York, Miami, Atlanta, Curacao, Aruba

Despite the Tourism Development Company’s (TDC) campaign to convince Trinidadians to vacation at home and appreciate all that is local—from the hotels to the cuisine—a majority of them are flying out this holiday period...

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BG View from the Editor

Measuring (mis)management

In his last Sunday Guardian column, Dennis Pantin wrote that T&T had mismanaged the economic boom in the years between 1974 and 1981 and, if the country failed to learn the lessons of the previous boom, it is destined to suffer a traumatic economic bust...

Month end hearing for FCIB shareholders

Minority shareholders of FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) are due to return to court on Tuesday in the matter involving the local high court determining the fair value of their shares...


Digicel restructures to speed growth

After liberalising the Caribbean mobile market and setting its eyes on Central America, Digicel has restructured its management team...

Caribbean Airlines: 6 months later

Lean, green machine

After six months in existence, Caribbean Airlines (CAL) appears to be a leaner operation, distinct from former national carrier BWIA, whose memory has faded into nostalgia...

US passport mess

State Dept takes blame

The current passport mess in the US is rare among government foul-ups: a top federal official has publicly taken the blame and expressed regret...

Labour movement hits IMF call for COLA removal

Labour leaders are up in arms over the urging of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the Government should do away with Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)...


Corporate Ladder

Barbados promises better service from Liat

BARBADIAN Tourism Minister Noel Lynch has said the Barbados government intends to move the regional airline Liat to a higher level of service to the travelling public...


IEA sees oil supply crunch looming

World oil demand will rise faster than expected to 2012 while production lags, leading to a supply crunch, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned...



A critical look at US economy

Chairman Ben Bernanke presented his semi-annual testimony to the Financial Services Committee on July 18. To his credit and to investors’ relief a more positive, albeit cautious, picture was painted particularly with regards to his view on inflation and growth prospects for 2008...




in global equity markets

The first half of 2007 was an eventful period in the global markets as speculation and uncertainty by investors led to fluctuations in several well known indices...

Rational or irrational?

We would all like to think that we are rational when it comes to investing, nevertheless there is evidence to suggest that we can be irrational at times...



Brain Drain

Or is it Export Earnings

The United States has become the principal beneficiary of the migration from Caribbean countries of its best educated people...


blessing or curse?

Is the presence of significant oil and gas resources in a country a blessing or a curse?

EDUCATION An opportunity for public, private sector participation

In early 2007, the chamber conducted significant research into the education system in T&T as this was one of the key national development priorities identified in our strategic plan 2006-2009...

Building a high-performance government

There is a growing movement in many countries to improve the performance of government, increase the benefits it delivers to the public, reduce its cost and make it more accountable for what it achieves...





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