Sunday 29th July, 2007

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Guardian Columnists
Anand Ramlogan updated 29/07/07

Last week’s column generated quite a lot of feedback, for which I am grateful. One point I certainly agree with is that being “the most academically-qualified” does not necessarily mean that you are the “brightest...

Dana Seetahal updated 29/07/07

The decision by the High Court last week, mandating the court administration to make the Halls of Justice (and by extension other courts) wheelchair-accessible, should not have been necessary...

Dennis Pantin updated 29/07/07

Three days short of the August 1 Emancipation Day I make a call—updating Bob Marley—for emancipating ourselves TO reason. I do this in the context of the Guardian’s Business Editor, Anthony Wilson accusing me of: first...

Denzil Mohammed updated 29/07/07

Well if it’s one thing you don’t want to hear while you’re enjoying a glamorous night out on the town it’s “them customers stink...

Dr Hamid Ghany updated 29/07/07

As the screening processes reach differing levels of preparedness, it is obvious that all of the major political parties are placing great emphasis on the type of candidates they intend to place before the national electorate...

Ira Mathur updated 29/07/07

Colonialism has come home to roost. The concierge is Spanish. Our newsagent is Gujarat, the cleaner Polish. On the streets we hear Italian, Polish, French, Urdu, Arabic and Swahili...

Lennox Grant updated 29/07/07

The mid-August timing for consultations on food prices and energy policy reflects the unhurried style of a ruling party serenely seeing the next general election as a foregone conclusion...

Martin George updated 29/07/07

I am writing this as I sit in the waiting area at Piarco Airport awaiting my delayed Caribbean Airlines flight to Miami. The airport is teeming with activity and everyone’s in a hurry rushing here there and everywhere...

Peter Quentrall-Thomas updated 29/07/07

Go to and see the worst map of T&T I’ve ever seen, and this is UWI! Go to and click on Tourism. Go to Getting Around in Trinidad & Tobago...

Simon Lee updated 29/07/07

Last week, I was ensconced on the 15th floor of the Tour Centreville Hotel on Montreal’s boulevard Rene-Levesque...


Debbie Jacob updated 23/07/07

Now that you’ve settled into the school holidays, it’s time to relax with a good book. I would really like to see everyone have a fun-filled vacation packed with enjoyable reading that will also sharpen academic skills...

Fr Henry Charles updated 23/07/07

I was at a meeting of business executives not too long ago for a presentation on Ethics after Enron. It was fascinating to see the extraordinary focus participants brought to realising their company’s projections...

Prakash Persad updated 16/07/07

There can be no refuting that alcohol abuse has a very negative and costly impact on family life and society. It is addictive and results in increased health costs, domestic violence, family abuse and neglect...


Dr David E Bratt updated 24/07/07

More sour than sweet! Where have all the nice Trinis gone?

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 24/07/07

We have to declare war on the kingdom of darkness...



Clevon Raphael updated 25/07/07

That the ruling People’s National Movement has as its base support Trinidadians-Tobagonians of African descent is an established and incontrovertible fact of our political history...

Tony Fraser updated 25/07/07

Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his PNM Government made effective use of the 2001-2002 year in office, with a full treasury to dispense social welfare and to indelibly stamp the corruption tag on Basdeo Panday and the UNC, to win power in 2002...




Greater Caribbean This Week updated 26/07/07

Time has a profound impact on institutions as well as on people. Such is the case with the ACS, where these 13 years have undoubtedly made the Greater Caribbean somewhat different from what it was when this organisation was founded...

Leela Ramdeen updated 26/07/07

As Emancipation Day approaches, we remember the resilience of our ancestors, take stock of where we are, commit ourselves to move forward/upward and to pull up those who are behind us...

Sat Maharaj updated 26/07/07

The first group of Indian agricultural workers arrived on May 30, 1845 and by 1950 the Indian community was regarded as almost 50 per cent illiterate...



CAN you remember what you were doing at 6 pm on the evening of Friday, July 27, 1990? I can; I was attending a function at City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, in downtown Toronto, hosted by the Mayor and Caribana officials to welcome T&T artistes flown in for that year’s festival...

Wesley George upadted 27/07/07

I looked at an interview with representatives from the three political parties and was taken aback, not with the highly illiterate composition of Mr Wade Mark’s contributions but with the measure of conviction with which Mr Gerald Yetming labelled this Government as uncaring...

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 27/07/07




Attillah Springer updated 28/07/07

“Who told you you could come into Grenada?” The immigration officer who’s been inspecting my passport for a few minutes finally bothers to ask me something and it’s not a question I think I have an answer to...

Gail Alexander updated 28/07/07

At one time, he expressed a desire to become a preacher after retirement.

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