Monday 27th August, 2007

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Anand Ramlogan updated 26/08/07

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been literally dumped into the Cepep project. Clever middlemen who managed to negotiate lucrative contracts have siphoned off these funds in a system that is as transparent as the canal water...

Dana Seetahal updated 26/08/07

I note the Government’s announced intention to increase the wages applicable to URP and Cepep workers by 15 per cent with effect from January 1...

Dennis Pantin updated 26/08/07

The T&T economy recorded, as the Prime Minister noted in his budget speech, another year of buoyant economic growth over the past 12 months...

Denzil Mohammed updated 26/08/07

Hello? No eh. I don’t remember “Madam” from Solid Gold. No, I don’t remember Are You Being Served. I don’t remember Laverne and Shirley, Bionic Man, or Ian Ali telling children to run outside and tell T&T...

Dr Hamid Ghany updated 26/08/07

Last Monday, Minister of Finance and Prime Minister Patrick Manning delivered a disguised election budget...

Ira Mathur updated 26/08/07

Minister Ken Valley was on television recently, conversing on the impact of the Ryder Scott report, which he dismissed, saying it was nothing new...

Lennox Grant updated 26/08/07

As he trumpeted the final fanfare of his budget, you could picture Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s “national community” as a studio audience being cued by flashing signs saying “Applause...

Martin George updated 26/08/07

The Insurance Amendment Act is currently before the Houses of Parliament for debate and contributions thereon...

Peter Quentrall-Thomas updated 26/08/07

Well, the budget has come and gone, and sadly, T&T is really none the wiser about the size of the challenge that faces us in removing our dependency on energy...

Simon Lee updated 26/08/07

Where to begin? At the end like the first Haitian Emperor Henri Christophe, (whose Phoenix-inspired motto “I’m reborn from my ashes” didn’t guarantee immunity from the Gede)? Or maybe with the lyrics of my favourite Cuban Cowboy’s song...


Debbie Jacob updated 27/08/07

I first met Damany Waldon through my son, Jairzinho, who assured me that the young Rastafarian singer, known as Fyahstone, was a rising star. But there’s a lot more to 26-year-old Fyahstone than his music...

Fr Henry Charles updated 20/08/07

Contemporary notions of civil rights are indissolubly linked to the struggle of American blacks during the 1950s and 60s. The aim of that struggle was to secure the basic rights needed for free and equal citizenship in a liberal democracy..

Prakash Persad updated 27/08/07

Exams are stressful. To both the parents and the student. It is a sacrifice that people are willing to make, however, for it is the accepted and recognised mechanism for equipping one for the world of work...


Dr David E Bratt updated 21/08/07

Yesterday being Budget Day, I thought it appropriate to join in the National Debate about Gas. Despite what the skeptics and opposition politicians say, I agree with the Government, there is a tremendous amount of gas in T&T...

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 21/08/07

Last weekend, one of the largest Mafia entrepreneurs, Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia, was captured along with his US$1 million in stashed cash...



Clevon Raphael updated 22/08/07


Tony Fraser updated 22/08/07

What of the impact the media have had in influencing the results of elections since 1981?


Greater Caribbean This Week updated 16/08/07

With very few exceptions, the potential for specific niche tourism experiences such as health, wellness and spa tourism has not been fully explored in the Greater Carib-bean...

Leela Ramdeen updated 23/08/07

Before I continue sharing extracts from my contribution to the recent Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) conference on the theme Promoting Social Justice and Sustainable Development Through Education, I would like to share some of my recent experiences...

Sat Maharaj updated 23/08/07

The Hindu acknowledges God as eternal, infinite, abstract and absolute, and the sages use the expression “Para Brahma” to describe the “Ultimate Reality.”



Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 24/08/07

NOT long after the late Merchant (Dennis Williams Franklyn) recorded his classic Pan in Danger, his colleague in calypso Manchild (Carlton Collins) echoed his sentiments by penning Pan in Crisis in its Native Land...

Wesley George upadted 24/08/07

With the presentation of another budget, everyone has as usual become an analyst or financial specialist, freely giving their expert opinion on how the nation will fare for the next 12 months...

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 24/08/07

When it rushing down from the mountain it coming sweet, clear and cold, bathing your skin and washing out all the chlorine and heavy metal you dumping on your body every morning when you feel is clean you cleaning yourself when you bathe...



Attillah Springer updated 25/08/07

It was a classic case of me making myself angry...

Gail Alexander updated 25/08/07

By the time she was through verbally shredding the 2008 budget presentation yesterday, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar had clearly demonstrated her scepticism that Government’s package held any real love for the public...


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