Tuesday 27th November,2007


Man shot while chasing agouti

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A hunting trip in the Moruga Forest turned tragic yesterday when a businessman was shot with a trapgun while chasing an agouti.

Bryan Kissoon, 28, of Gulf View, La Romaine, had been hunting with four friends at the Edward Trace Forest around 9 am when their dogs picked up the scent of an agouti.

Police said while chasing after the agouti. Police said Kissoon accidentally stepped on a trapgun. He was shot on his left ankle.

Kissoon’s friends brought him out of the forest He was rushed to the San Fernando General hospital where he remained warded in a stable condition at Ward 8 up to late yesterday.

This has been the second trapgun shooting to have occurred in the Moruga Forest.

On November 19, Lerry Dominic, 46, of Figaro Trace, Moruga, died after being shot in the left knee by a trapgun.

Police said Dominic and a group hunters had been chasing an agouti in a forested area off Philip Trace, Moruga. He stepped on a trapgun while crossing a river. He died while undergoing surgery at hospital.

Police have since issued a warning to hunters to exercise caution while hunting in the Moruga Forest— an area where marijuana cultivation has increased.