Sunday 16th December, 2007


Divine inspiration leads to Nicole De Coteau’s This Christmas Day

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By Essiba Small

Singer Nicole De Coteau is in Christmas mode. The banker/singer who fronts the band Blue Ventures, has put out the song This Christmas Day on local airwaves.

We will forgive you if you mistook De Coteau’s vocals for that of a foreigner.

This Christmas Day is the second track from the Diego Martin singer.

Last year, she put out Christmas is Here, a song she had originally released in 2003.

The new song was written by De Coteau and produced by Richard “Charsu” Ayong. De Coteau said it was divine inspiration.

“Charsu and I had a conversation where he wanted us to start working together starting with the Christmas song.

“One evening, after returning from the gym, I started thinking about what I would write because I had nothing in my head.

“I just threw myself on the bed and the melody and words instantly came.”

De Coteau said since releasing the song, she has been getting a lot of feedback from the listening public.

Most people have told her that they first thought that it was an international carol. De Coteau is flattered by their error.

“That’s a good thing because international is where I want to take this music. And I can’t wait to leap across to international market.”

De Coteau has also had the experience of watching the reaction to her music during her live appearances at several private functions.

“My last engagement for the season will be at the Long Circular Mall on December 22. This is my third year performing at the mall for Christmas.”

For De Coteau, Christmastime is one of quiet reflection and being with family.

“Christmas is a time to look at where we are in life and what we want to accomplish. It’s a time when we should look at our shortfalls and work on improving ourselves.

“I am looking forward to spending some time with my family. I have two brothers and a sister who is expecting a baby in the New Year. So things are looking good,” she said.

So far, the bubbly singer admits, she has yet to get her home Christmas ready.

“I came down with the cold. In time, though, I will get around to it.”

Below are the lyrics for Nicole De Coteau’s new song, This Christmas Day, which she wished to share with WomanWise readers.

Verse 1

One Happy day is Christmas day

One holiday is Christmas day

When our hearts are filled with love for

one another

There’ll be joy and laughter coming from

each other


Give Him your smile today

As we celebrate Christ birthday

Give Him your heart today

Spreading peace throughout the world

Reaching out to those in need

Be a friend in time

These broken hearts will heal


So fill your hearts with love

This Christmas Day!

Verse 2 n n n n n

One toy to give

This Christmas Day

One child at play

On Christmas Day

Underneath the Christmas trees are all the gifts received

Boys and girls can hardly wait for what is theirs

to see

Chorus n n n n n


Oh oh love

Pure love

It’s the best gift that you can give

Oh oh love pure love

Given on Christmas Day!

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la

La la la la la la la ..

Chorus n n n n n