Sunday 23rd December, 2007

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A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
— Francis Bacon

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Notes from the editor

We are officially two days away from Christmas! And if you’re not in the Christmas mood yet, we hope that this week’s WomanWise will at least get you closer to the spirit of the season...


Giselle Laronde West... beauty beyond the skin

Giselle Laronde West is one of T&T’s icons of beauty. So much so that I donned my best duds and smeared on some bright make-up to go ask her how her Christmas season was shaping up...

Christmas shopping for the man in your life

Everyone woman has at least one man in her life. It could be her father, brother, son, husband, boyfriend, nephew, handyman — the list goes on...

Cherished Christmas memory

Christmas is such a special time of year for creating lasting memories. The air is almost magical and for the entire holiday season, warmth and love seem to transcend all else — especially for families...

Going beyond abstinence message

Not a word that takes up a lot of room in our free-sex, free-love world. Many believe that if you were to give a teenager the choice between abstaining from sex until marriage, or safe sex (using a condom or some other method of birth control), the teenager would choose to have sex...

Elegant stationery... a hand-written note goes a long way

Dining rooms may have become endangered species in our homes — along with butler’s pantries and libraries — but entertaining needn’t depend on formality any longer ...


The meaning of the Christmas concert

I went to a dance recital the other night and I had the time of my life! The dance school has a class for three- to five-year-olds and they were onstage several times throughout the night...

5 simple ways to manage Christmas

Oh well, that time of year is upon us once more. If you don’t believe me, listen to the radio stations for your daily dose of Christmas music. Take a walk downtown and through the shopping malls and you will be convinced...

Threats of suicide may be more than bad jokes

My son and I have bad arguments about schoolwork, smoking and coming in late. Every week, we have to pull him up about something. His little brother heard him say that he will kill himself...

Bringing the colours of Christmas into your make-up

Seasons greetings to all our readers. This year has been so eventful in the world of beauty as it’s becoming easier for women to find products that are not only suitable for their individual skin types...

Kathleen’s hideaway

NESTLED in a quiet cul de sac in the heart of Port-of-Spain, a stone’s throw away from tall buildings, and bustling traffic, is an oasis of tranquillity and beauty. This is the home and garden of Kathleen, a retired businesswoman and happy gardener...

Polycystic ovary syndrome... every woman’s nightmare

The thought of not being able to conceive children makes most women — and, let’s face it, most men — freeze in their tracks...

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