Wednesday 21st November, 2007

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Posted 20-11-07

Q: Should a foreigner be hired as Commissioner of Police?


Yes. No family ties to anybody will free up the person to do their work. No political influences, no financial friends...just freedom to do the work fearlessly.


I think you need to bring in an outsider to be the Commissioner of Police because the local people are not doing a good job. My brother died because of the lackadaisical attitude of the police. We need someone who is really serious about fighting crime.


Yes, we have to get new ideas and changes to solve our ugly problems.


NO! However, foreign consultants can be hired to advise top officers including the commissioner.


WHY are police officers so afraid of having a foreign commissioner? Is it because he will expose all the wrongs taking place. Something has to be done about the out-of-control crime. The local police—and local Minister of National Security—seem incapable of making a telling impact.

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