Wednesday 13th February, 2008


Celebration for an old chess warrior

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AN OLDER generation of T&T chess players will remember GM Svetozar Gligoric who was one of the world’s leading chess players for three generations after the last World War. It would be welcome news for them to learn that the former 11-time Yugoslav champion was honoured earlier this month on his 85th birthday by his people who organised an 85-player Swiss tournament in the city of Pancevo near Belgrade to celebrate the occasion.

Gligoric was born in Belgrade in 1923 and became the best chess player to be produced by Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia. He won the national championship 11 times, earnd 12 Chess Olympiad medals starting with Gold in Dubrovnik in 1950, six in European championships and was candidate for the World Championsip title many times. During three decades after the War he was one of the best players outside the Soviet Union.

More senior players in T&T will remember Gligoric’s exploits and the inspiring quality of his games.

It was the idea of Milorad Mitrovic, internationãl chess organiser, to make this day very special for Gligoric and all chess players in Serbia. In the 15-minute rapid play tournament, entitled “To Gligoric with Love,” the number of invited players was limited to exactly 85 as a symbol for his age.

The tournament had 23 GMs, 21 IMs, 12 FMs, four WGMs, one WIM and three WFMs. Five players scored 7 points and shared first place, with Serbia’s number one, GM Ivan Ivanisevic taking the trophy.

The winners: GM Ivan Ivanisevic; IM Ivan Marinkovic; GM Aleksandar Kovacevic; GM Miodrag Savic and IM Mihajlo Zlatic.

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