Sunday 17th February, 2008

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A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
— Francis Bacon

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Notes from the editor

There was a song that we sang as students of the Diamond Vale Government Primary school every morning during assembly...


Trinidad Weddings makes couples’ planning smooth sailing

Frustration is a catalyst for change and Simone Sant-Ghuran has proven how true this can be...

In spite of failures... Stacey Codrington still on a high

Stacey Codrington’s bubbly, bright demeanour is the epitome of optimism. Her never say die attitude has helped her chart a course in the beauty industry on which few have ventured...

Preacher’s wife with a higher calling

I’ve been in a great many church offices in my day, having been raised in Christendom. But so far, I have not had the distinction of speaking to a woman behind the pastoral desk. Merle Ali’s husband Hasratt...

Going beyond abstinence message

Not a word that takes up a lot of room in our free-sex, free-love world. Many believe that if you were to give a teenager the choice between abstaining from sex until marriage, or safe sex (using a condom or some other method of birth control), the teenager would choose to have sex...

Elegant stationery... a hand-written note goes a long way

Dining rooms may have become endangered species in our homes — along with butler’s pantries and libraries — but entertaining needn’t depend on formality any longer ...


Life in rehab

It is a specialised treatment centre where addicts and their families learn how to live a life free of drugs...

Reveal your secret love

Every now and then, I attempt to stretch my comfort zone. I decided to write something about love. I thought I’d set aside the usual slant of my pieces and let the topic take me where it will...

Help your kid accept his appearance

My teenage son is overweight and carries a little fat around the nipples. He’s obsessing about the idea that his friends will tease him for having “breasts...

Beware of the sun this Carnival

Today is Carnival Sunday, and it’s a day when the children get another chance to play their mas...

The Happy Gardener

In today’s column, the last in a series on establishing the vegetable garden, we deal with planting and care of seedlings. In the coming months, we will discuss how to grow some individual crops...

Treating nervous system disorders

The list of nervous system disorders is vast and varied. Some examples of nervous system disorders are anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, sleeping problems, twitches, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s...

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