Thursday 14th February, 2008

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Plipdeco’s Roger Traboulay

Turning things around at Pt Lisas port

The Government has given no precise timetable on its plans for the construction of a mega port east of Port-of-Spain...

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Will Republic remain T&T owned?

May I start off this week by apologising for the failure of this column to appear last week...

How RBC avoided subprime exposure?

A FRIEND of this column, who has been quiet recently, sent me several reports relating to the other big acquisition that the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is currently pursuing...


Economist: Caribbean world crime leader

An article in the prestigious Economist magazine has identified the Caribbean, better known for its blue skies, cricket and rum punch, as the world leader in violent crime...

Used car industry Dealers worry about their future

Crawling traffic, gridlocked roads and difficulty in finding parking space, all symptoms of the country’s wealth and motor vehicle overpopulation...

Revolutionising local tourism: Floating hotel

WATERFRONT development in the Chaguaramas peninsula has taken a radical but interesting twist with the introduction of a floating hotel and conference centre at Pier 2...

Harmonise laws to boost business

Regional conglomerate ANSA McAL wants to see harmonised legislation governing local and regional business activity in an effort to increase the region’s global competitiveness...



Economic Partnership Agreement

Struggles on the periphery?

Kingston—Expert and political reaction to the recently-signed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Cariforum (Caricom and the Dominican Republic) countries and Europe has brought unprecedented life to the public communication engine room of the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery (RNM)...

Planting seeds in C/America

The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce intends to facilitate and so encourage the development of trade in the services sector between T&T and Central America for the very first time by way of its upcoming trade mission to Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama from March 2 to 8...



Finnish report: : Cellphone radiation alters human skin cells

Research indicates that protein in human cells might be altered when subjected to radiation from mobile phones, but the health effects of such radiation were unclear, Finnish officials said on Tuesday...

Tips For Life

Conquering cellphone incivility

Cellphones are becoming more ubiquitous and daily we hear horror stories about the problems cellphones cause...


The HR tragedy

Human resources (HR) and information technology (IT) are two organisation “black holes” that seem to absorb significant sums of money with questionable results...


US recession: Who suffers?

It would probably be much simpler to compile a list of who doesn’t suffer when tough times hit the US...



The question on RBTT

To be or not to be

It is now official. RBTT Financial Holdings Ltd on Friday indicated that its board of directors has called a special meeting of the shareholders of RBTT on March 26, in order for the shareholders to approve a special resolution to authorise and approve the amalgamation of a newly incorporated, indirect, wholly-owned T&T subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) with RBTT to create an amalgamated corporation...

Eye of the storm

The first month of 2008 was the worst month for Wall Street since 1990.The returns generated in the first month of 2008 confirmed that the global equities are in the middle of a storm which has continued to batter investors into the second month of the year...



Women in energy

Diversity in the workplace and managing diversity have become major issues in the global energy business where companies do business on every continent...

No black in the White House

I start this commentary by declaring that I would like Barack Obama to be elected President of the United States, not because he is part black, but because of his perspective of the US as a country and his perception of the US in the world...






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