Monday 18th February, 2008

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Anand Ramlogan updated 10/02/08

In retrospect, had former Chief Justice (CJ) Sat Sharma not filed for judicial review to stop his criminal arrest and prosecution, the entire fiasco may have been over a lot earlier...

Dana Seetahal updated 17/02/08

The fact that the security camera in the vicinity of where PC Barrath met his death, in downtown St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, was non-functional, and so could not capture the image of his killers...

Dennis Pantin updated 17/02/08

Thousands of banana workers, farmers and their families in the Caribbean have paid a high price as a result of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling on the European Union’s Banana Protocol...

Denzil Mohammed updated 17/02/08

The woman with the four gold teeth and the costume with the lace stockings decided things were too dead...

Dr Hamid Ghany updated 17/02/08

Basdeo Panday declared last week that the President was a creature of the government. He expressed this view after the re-election of President George Maxwell Richards by the Electoral College...

Ira Mathur updated 17/02/08

This is a first person account of life in Laventille, based on an interview with Andy, 46, who lives in Picton, Laventille...

Lennox Grant updated 17/02/08

It was as sensational as the “surge” 13 months ago into the La Puerta, Diego Martin, hillside to find Vindra Naipaul Coolman or her captors..

Martin George updated 17/02/08

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has begun its campaign, with government ministers coming out to bat for it, in its bid to convince the public and the Regulated Industries Commission that it is...

Peter Quentrall-Thomas updated 10/02/08

I had to travel abroad recently and was amazed to find the departure tax system is still in place...

Simon Lee updated 17/02/08

In the aftermath of Carnival, I swapped a bed overlooking Port-of-Spain for one a few nautical miles north-east, overlooking the port of Scarborough...

Valentino Singh updated 13/01/08

Trevor Paul is right. He has every reason to be upset with members of the public who have condemned his decision to enjoy an Old Year’s night party with his wife...



Debbie Jacob updated 18/02/08

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. In the 36 years I have been eligible to vote, no election in the US has given me more hope than the presidential race that we are now facing. I have been so turned off from politics...

Fr Henry Charles updated 18/02/08

Fewer people will dispute today that the original intervention in Iraq was illegitimate, and that the lack of broad international support and the failure to link the toppling of Saddam’s regime to a realistic post-intervention plan...

Prakash Persad updated 28/01/08

Does T&T suffer from bipolar morphological disorder? How then to explain the switching from republic to monarchy during the Carnival period...



Dr David E Bratt updated 12/02/08

On Carnival Monday afternoon, as I wandered up Charlotte Street and past the empty stands at the bottom of the Savannah marked “Authorised Persons Only,” trying to get the Chinese labourers to participate in the merriment ...

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 12/02/08

The real heroes are people who stand up for principles, who teach their children values that are spiritual and eternal.



Clevon Raphael updated 13/02/08

I am in total agreement with seven- time national Calypso Monarch Chalkdust’s view that judging any competition is a difficult task...

Tony Fraser updated 13/02/08

We are witness in this generation to what history may deem one of the greatest political developments ever—a black man, so called, mounting a serious contest to be the candidate of the Democratic Party and inevitably hoping that he becomes the President of the US...



Greater Caribbean This Week updated 14/02/08


Leela Ramdeen updated 14/02/08

Today millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day which used to be associated mainly with romantic love...

Sat Maharaj updated 14/02/08

The annual two-day “wildness” that some people call Carnival came to an end at midnight on February 5. The tonnes of litter, which include thousands of used condoms, have safely been carted off to the Labasse at the Beetham dump...



Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 15/02/08

SO much has already been written and said about Carnival 2008. The administrators, planners and producers of the national festival have very few excuses to goof up next year’s event as planning must already be on the front burner...

Wesley George upadted 18/01/08


Selwyn R Cudjoe upadted 15/02/08

Oskie vex too bad. Friday morning, first thing, he wake me up to complain, “Why you put ma name in de papers?”

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 15/02/08

Many of the world’s poorest people are unable to get enough food because of soaring prices partly caused by the use of food crops to produce biofuels, the head of the UN food agency said...

Gillian Lucky updated 15/02/08

The Minister of Education is right—we must address the subject of high absenteeism of students in the nation’s schools on Ash Wednesday...




Attillah Springer updated 16/02/08

Did you see the news on Thursday night? Did you see them throw the unarmed physicist off a barge and into the water?

Gail Alexander updated 16/02/08

Laventille families are not the only ones who have headed from home turf to greener pastures recently...



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