Tuesday 4th March, 2008

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Anand Ramlogan updated 02/01/08

Panday’s former defence lawyer, Mr Alan Newman, QC, recently created legal history in the famous “lotto rapist trial...

Dana Seetahal updated 02/03/08

I read two reports side by side in a newspaper last Friday. One was headlined “Cops kill 2 in Laventille” and the other “Gang member shot...

Dennis Pantin updated 02/01/08

The current public debate on the EU-Cariforum Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is over both process and content of the negotiations...

Denzil Mohammed updated 24/02/08

Yes,” wrote someone on my Facebook “wall” in response to my “status” message, “you clearly are ‘the last person on the planet to join Facebook.’ No, wait. The vagrant outside RBTT Independence Square has that distinction...

Dr Hamid Ghany updated 02/03/08

Last week, the three faculties of Social Sciences of the University of the West Indies held a cross-campus conference to discuss various issues of academic policy and collaboration...

Ira Mathur updated 02/03/08

If it’s a war of guns, the police will lose. Lack of amenities isn’t the problem. Nor is the absence of jobs. It’s about upward mobility. Money...

Lennox Grant updated 02/03/08

As its echoes roll on, ever more muted, into the future, the 1990 “attempted coup” continues to distinguish two kinds of Trinidad and Tobago people...

Martin George updated 02/03/08

Driving out last night with my daughter Anais, she asked me to put the radio on her favourite station, Radio Jagriti 102.7 FM...

Peter Quentrall-Thomas updated 02/03/08

I have been reliably informed by a contact inside the Defence Force that the guns the soldiers carried on the road during the Carnival celebrations were not semi-automatic, which normally requires one pull of the trigger for each shots...

Simon Lee updated 24/02/08

Now that Carnival done, is there time and space to review the cultural situation? Briefly on the subject of the Merry Monarch...

Valentino Singh updated 13/01/08

Trevor Paul is right. He has every reason to be upset with members of the public who have condemned his decision to enjoy an Old Year’s night party with his wife...



Debbie Jacob updated 03/03/08

Ahoy, mates. This is your captain speaking. I know you’re navigating the rough SEA right now. Chances are you’re feeling a little SEA-sick...

Fr Henry Charles updated 03/03/08

Contemporary warfare has contributed new categories to the lexicon of war—ethnic cleansing, strategic rape, disappearing your enemy, and the phenomenon that needs more coverage than it gets, child soldiers...

Prakash Persad updated 25/02/08

Trepidation, dismay and an anger-based resigned attitude juxtaposed on frustrated hopelessness would be a fair characterisation of the emotional state of most people who have to interface and interact with state agencies...



Dr David E Bratt updated 04/03/08

BEATING children can make those very same children sick...

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 04/03/08

“When the urgency rate is not pumped up enough, the transformation process cannot succeed, and the long-term future of the organisation is put in jeopardy,” says retired professor of Harvard Business School, John Kotter...



Clevon Raphael updated 27/02/08

Two developments relating to the abominable crime scenario should give us cause to reflect on what the hell is going on in this place...

Tony Fraser updated 27/02/08




Greater Caribbean This Week updated 28/02/08

You will all recall how the international wholesale news outlets covered the UN Climate Change Conference held at Bali last December...

Leela Ramdeen updated 28/02/08

Tomorrow the Catholic Church in T&T will observe a Day of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving on the theme: “Repentance, Reconciliation and Solidarity.”

Sat Maharaj updated 28/02/08

Shiva the third God of the Hindu triad and the destroyer of all evil...



Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 28/02/08

DAVE Mohammed is the best spin bowler in the West Indies; Daren Ganga is the best cricket captain; David Williams is the best coach, and Omar Khan is the best team manager...

Wesley George upadted 28/01/08


Selwyn R Cudjoe upadted 28/02/08

Oskie was cagey ever since our second conversation about my operation...

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 28/02/08


Gillian Lucky updated 28/02/08

It is no secret...



Attillah Springer updated 01/03/08

I want to write about Barack Obama, but I find myself thinking a lot about Toussaint L’Ouverture...

Gail Alexander updated 01/03/08

UNC MP Mikela Panday was busy perusing documents yesterday while Trade Minister Keith Rowley treated MPs in the House of Representatives to a half-hour lesson on the mysteries of the controversial Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union...



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