Thursday 6th March, 2008

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US recession?

Economists conclude T&T has little to fear

It’s regarded as a truism in economic circles—the saying that when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold...


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RBTT’s outrageous admission

AFTER an interview with a top RBTT official last week, I asked for and received the directors’ circular pertaining to the sale of the bank to the Royal Bank of Canada...

Choosing a comprehensive EPA

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Cariforum countries (CAR) and the EU is a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the choice of a comprehensive FTA with the EU by Cariforum is essentially dictated by the options in the multilateral legal framework to which this region subscribes in the WTO and the specific collective interests of the region...


ANSA teams up with Schroders

If today’s global demand for 85 billion barrels of oil is considered high, Schroders Private Bank’s Rupert Robinson figures that’s guaranteed to treble in 25 years...

Best educated leave Caribbean to make mark elsewhere

College educated Caribbean nationals continue to leave the region in droves, recent data obtained by CWN indicate...

ArcelorMittal cleans up its act

ArcelorMittal Pt Lisas Ltd has promised an ease in the air pollution from its plant which drove the Pt Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation (Plipdeco) to file an official complaint with to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA)...

Bad game of monopoly

The financial performance of Guardian Holdings (GHL) in the last three years reads like a bad game of monopoly for shareholders...

Climate change danger in Mideast

Climate change is likely to reduce agricultural production and exacerbate water shortages in the Middle East, threatening the region’s poor and elevating the risk of conflict over scarce resources, the UN warned...


Corporate Ladder

Republic’s Tom Yew now manager at Ellerslie Court

Republic Bank has announced the appointment of Brad Tom Yew to the position of branch sales manager at the bank’s Ellerslie Court branch...


Issue of energy security

The South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce (STCIC) hosted the annual T&T Petroleum Conference 2008 on Monday and Tuesday last week at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, St Ann’s...



Succession planning for business growth

The problem of continuity is one that most, if not all, companies face...


Drastic times, measures?

The sky is not falling...


The Future Market

Many investors’ portfolios today include securities such as equity, bonds and mutual funds, however, there are a vast number of financial instruments that exist in the investment world which are far more complex in nature. One such instrument is the futures contract, or simply futures...

Oil prices explode

A decade ago analysts would have never forecast that the price of oil would reach US$103 a barrel...



Barbados getting it right

There are many people who have marveled at Barbados’ resilience over the years as far as its economic policies are concerned, and that country’s ability to maintain its $2 exchange rate to the US dollar...

Global warming

Caribbean countries should be compensated

The Caribbean is a victim of climate change caused by larger countries and yet no attempt is made to compensate the area for the damage being done to it by the profligate emissions of harmful gases by larger countries...

Biting the inflation bullet

The year is 1998, ten years ago and a while before, T&T started to see the record levels of oil and gas revenues which have been the hallmark of our more recent past...









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