Friday 7th March, 2008

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Happy to be back at the Triniposse Stand in the Queen’s Park Oval, the Carib Girls join ‘posse member Sam
Salloum, at centre, to display their national colours.

LAST weekend I was forced to remove an entire omelette off my face as I apologised profusely to one of T&T’s most revered cricketers. In last Friday’s edition, a slip of the mind caused me to refer to Andy Ganteaume as having kicked the proverbial bucket when in fact the former West Indies test batsman is alive and well, and kicking I may add, at around 83. I even saw the great man in the flesh on the weekend, apologised and, thanks to his usual gracious and gentlemanly demeanour, shared a good laugh with him.

Last weekend, I was the butt of much fatigue over this faux pas from the likes of Nasser Khan, William Lucie Smith, Dave Francois, Royston “Packy” Moore and Graham Bell.

On the topic of cricket, I must say thanks to Dane Darbasie, his beautiful wife Karen, Kurtis Rudd and the folks of Prestige Holdings for hosting me at their corporate box at the Queen’s Park Oval for the four days of the T&T vs Jamaica Carib Beer Shield cricket match. It afforded me the opportunity to rub shoulders with my favourite West Indies opening batsman, living legend Gordon Greenidge, now convenor of the WICB selectors panel, and newly installed T&T cricket manager Colin Borde.

It was also good to feel the vibe of the vibrant Triniposse Stand once more, reactivated on Saturday having being in hiatus since last year’s ICC ODI World Cup.

Curry was the main staple on Saturday in the ‘posse Stand, along with much liquor, a live tea time performance by Adesh Samaroo, and eight of the vivacious Carib Girls, in itsy bitsy denim shorts.

A couple notes though to the Oval management, please do something about that public address system, and let’s have the close circuit replay screen at the western side of the ground by the time Sri Lanka gets here later this month.

Out with the old, in with the new as new T&T cricket manager Colin Borde, left, greets outgoing manager, and new West Indies manager Omar Khan.
Photos: Lester Forde
Widely regarded as the West Indies cricket team’s most staunch and travelled supporter, Peter Matthews devastates a doubles.

Though the fair-weather fans of team T&T stayed away from the Queen’s Park Oval in huge numbers last weekend, there were girls galore at the venue on Saturday.

From left, Gerard Yorke (Yorke Inc), Frederick Bowen (member of Prodigy), Richard Marcellin (Kreative Concepts) present the motorised wheelchair to one of the children. Looking on, second from right is Peter Knaggs, Vice President of the Board and Management of Princess Elizabeth’s Home for Handicapped Children.
Photos: Lester Forde

  • The returns of Carnival

Following their successful all-inclusive Carnival fete held at Windsor Road, North Valsayn on January 13 this year, promoters Yorke Inc, Kreative Concepts and Prodigy have lived up to their promise of assisting a charitable organisation or needy cause annually out of proceeds from the event.

In 2007, the group assisted Rainbow Rescue of Jerningham Avenue, Belmont, with a cash donation as an appreciation of the tremendous work that this organisation is conducting in caring for “street children.”

For 2008 the promoters have stepped up the ante with their donation to the Princess Elizabeth’s Home for Handicapped Children with a state of the art motorised wheelchair for use at the Institution.




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