Friday 11th April, 2008

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Lovely day for Cricket

The Carib and Digicel girls come together to celebrate West Indies’ victory against Sri Lanka at the Queen’s Park Oval. Photo: David Wears

It is my hope that as you read this, West Indies would have won yesterday’s cricket ODI at the Queen’s Park Oval against Sri Lanka. Last Sunday marked the first time in eight years that the regional team won a test match at this venue, also maintaining its record of never being whitewashed in a home series.

An integral part of international cricket at the Queen’s Park Oval, the conch shell blower.
Photo: Anthony Harris

I couldn’t have picked a better day to pick up on the invitation to be a guest of Digicel at the Oval. It was the second anniversary of Digicel in T&T and, aside from spending the day in the company of legendary West Indies spin wizard Lance Gibbs, and being hosted by Digicel’s charming Marita Laurent, Natalie Black, Sasha Thompson, and CEO Niall Dorrian, there were also the additional treats of Bernard Long’s cooking and the Digicel Girls.

The team captain of the international award-winning T&T culinary team, Long concocted a menu fit for royalty that included French trimmed rack of lamb, Peking duck, curried crab and dumpling, a chocolate fountain, plus champagne, fresh strawberries and other goodies.

Though I missed the aroma of fried shark being prepared under the Dos Santos Stand, and the picong and camaraderie of the Concrete Stand, Sunday’s experience afforded yet another vantage point of enjoying cricket at the Oval.

The boys and girls of Scotia’s Kiddy Cricket are delighted by Sunday’s result. Photo: Anthony Harris

  • Celebrations on the Avenue

Following last Saturday’s cricket at the Queen’s Park Oval, Sunny Group of Companies bossman John Wallis turned on his heart light to the children of the Cyril Ross Home by treating them all to dinner at his Sweetlime Restaurant, on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook.

Wallis also played host to visiting prime ministers David Thompson (Barbados) and Denzil Douglas (St Kitts/Nevis); and his football team, Mau Pau Sports Club, debutantes in this year’s Premiership football tournament. Though not having the start they would have liked in the tournament, having lost that evening 1-3 to Clico Jabloteh, the footballers, led by manager Louis Charles and coach Ron La Forest, seemed to be high spirits as they were entertained by former Scouting for Talent star Errol Asche.

Though a Laventille-based team, without a facility at home, Ma Pau’s home ground is Mannie Ramjohn Stadium in South Trinidad, where they will play W-Connection tomorrow evening.

  • tragedy at cricket

AT the risk of seeming insensitive, aside from hypertension and extreme stress, West Indies cricket can be lethal, in spite of Sunday’s victory against Sri Lanka.

Hours into the second day of play at the Queen’s Park Oval, with the visitors in their fist innings seemingly set to establish a formidable score, Michael Hosam actually keeled over and died in the Learie Constantine Stand.

Described by his family as an avid West Indies fan, Hosam went without a word or fanfare, going to meet his maker while doing one of the things he loved best.

Hosam’s untimely passing caused almost every spectator hearing of his demise to scurry to the nearest Play Whe outlet to play 4, the mark for Dead Man, no doubt still remembering a similar tragedy a few years ago in the Concrete Stand, when the mark 4 actually played, almost bussing NLCB.

But, the Play Whe man had the last laugh as he played 36 (Jackass) for the 6.30 pm draw, also an accurate choice, as it was symbolic of the idiots who lost their money last Friday afternoon.

Seriously, though, as we return to the Oval tomorrow for the second ODI, spare a thought for Hosam who literally died for West Indies cricket. Condolences to his family and loved ones.


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