Sunday 18th May, 2008

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Frances Anne Solomon home to tell her ‘Tale’

There is a refreshing realness about director/producer/writer Frances Anne Solomon. Even after spending most of her adult life abroad, her Trini accent is still quite evident...

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From the editor

I don’t even know her name. But I know that she is old enough to be my grandmother, is a practicing Christian and has a daughter, who is a nurse, of whom she is extremely proud...



Chairman inches Tunapuna/Piarco closer to First World status

There is an old adage about success that may never lose its relevance in any situation or time: you cannot push someone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb himself...

Define your shape

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re a square peg trying to fit in a round hole, or you are being forced? In any case, when we know our shape, it is much easier to find the hole where we will fit comfortably enough and still have room to grow...

Discovering the secret to the life you want

When the movie The Secret was first released in 2004, it caused quite a controversy. While millions embraced its life-changing message, sceptics condemned the production for its complete disregard of religion...

Revlon launches mineral make-up line

His animated conversation is frequently punctuated by gesticulations. And as one of Yves Saint Laurent’s top make-up artists and trainers, Palmers’ hands are literally his livelihood...

Hillside home welcomes harmony of feng shui

Visiting gardens is always a pleasure for me, but it’s not often that I get the opportunity to see a beautiful garden with as magnificent a view as I did recently at the home of Jacinta and Kenny...

What You Can’t Tell Him...

Published in 2006 by T&T’s own Star Apple Publishers, What You Can’t Tell Him is Sharon Leach’s debut into book writing, but as editor of the Jamaica Observer’s Literary Arts supplement, as well as a columnist...

Pastor offers new perspective on old concept

Feminists the world over, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or simply “spiritual,” have all fought vehemently against the idea of submission. Even I, reformed man-basher that I am, twitch a little when someone male says it out loud...

Coping with your child’s FAS

Dear Donna: I just found out that my adopted infant has foetal alcohol syndrome and I am very worried about his future. I know his mother has an alcohol problem, but I got him a few days after he was born and everything seemed OK...

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