Wednesday 21st May, 2008

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Anand Ramlogan updated 18/05/08

The machinery is well-oiled and runs smoothly, and unlike the UNC, it isn’t concentrated in the hands of a few, but spread a little more evenly across the board...

Dana Seetahal updated 18/05/08

I heard a lawyer on television commenting on the probability that certain Independent Senators, if they participate in the Joint Select Committee proposed by the Government, may have issues of credibility...

Dennis Pantin updated 18/05/08

There is consensus among fair-minded members of the T&T population that three key decisions need to be taken by the Government to restore confidence in the probity of its operations, inclusive of (but not limited to) Udecott...

Denzil Mohammed updated 18/05/08

Everybody’s reaction was essentially the same: he killed himself over exams? Over A-levels? Seriously? What a waste...

Dr Hamid Ghany updated 18/05/08

The Udecott matter is now at the stage where the Government is prepared to propose the establishment of a joint select committee of Parliament to investigate allegations of impropriety at Udecott......

Ira Mathur updated 18/05/08

We’ve talked about it; feared it; and hoped the day wouldn’t come. But it has. Trinidad and Tobago is now officially branded an “almost” failed state....

Lennox Grant updated 18/05/08

“Waterfront” is a relatively new usage for what used to be called “docksite,” “harbour,” “wharf,” “slipway,” and other homely designators of where Gulf of Paria water meets land’s edge...

Martin George updated 18/05/08

Looking on at our society one realises that in many ways we appear to be simplistic but then at another level entirely we are a curiously complex concoction of human beings who answer to the nomenclature of “Trinbagonian...

Peter Quentrall-Thomas updated 18/05/08

My article, recently, about the disgraceful state of the abandoned T&TEC warehouse opposite the Beetham Market, provoked several interesting e-mail, and I thought I should share one in particular with you...

Simon Lee updated 18/05/08

Although I’m freshly landed in my St Ann’s roost, this is going to be an away column, as I’ve just returned from Antigua and St Lucia on one of my Creole Confederacy missions: m’ap boulé, Ah rollin again...


Debbie Jacob updated 19/05/08

End-of-year exams are just around the corner and for most students that means writing those dreaded essays. Don’t panic. An exam can throw countless essay questions at you, but the format for an essay is basically the same. You need a beginning with your position or thesis statement...

Fr Henry Charles updated 12/05/08

Of these three related terms, favouritism is perhaps the broadest. Basically, favouritism is just what it sounds like. It means favouring someone not because he or she is doing or can do the best possible job...

Prakash Persad updated 19/05/08

Oral tradition has always played, since time immemorial, a dominant role in Hinduism. Scholarship, to a large extent, was defined by the ability to memorise incredible amounts of information...



Dr David E Bratt updated 20/05/08

The second funniest thing to appear on local TV this year was a hoarse-voiced Anil Roberts handing a bottle of cough syrup to Calder Hart at the now infamous Udecott press conference...

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 20/05/08

While all the confusion surrounding the Udecott issue is taking place with charges and countercharges flying wildly as if driven by a tornado, families continue to mourn for their “butchered” relatives...



Clevon Raphael updated 21/05/08

“Eight killed in 46 hours.’’ “Killed while protecting dad.” “Family terrorised.” “Girl, 12, gang raped.”

Tony Fraser updated 21/05/08

The notion put forward that the Government has a responsibility to support Udecott and any of the other special purpose state enterprises is fine for propaganda effect and natural expectation from a Government which created and monitors these enterprises...



Greater Caribbean This Week updated 15/05/08

The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) has been developing the Business Forum of the Greater Caribbean since 2000, following the Second Summit of the Heads of State and/or Government held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1999, when the need was expressed for the promotion and facilitation of trade and investments among the countries that make up the Greater Caribbean...

Leela Ramdeen updated 15/05/08

Recently I found myself weeping during the play Celia at the New Players Theatre in the West End of London...


Sat Maharaj updated 15/05/08

INDIAN JEWS are a religious minority of India. Judaism was one of the first non-Dharmic religions to arrive in India in recorded history...



Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 16/05/08

I depart from arts and entertainment today to dedicate this space to three special sons of the soil in the field of sport...

Selwyn R Cudjoe upadted 08/05/08

Five months ago, the PNM was elected to serve as the Government of the people of T&T although it received 43 per cent of the votes.

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 16/05/08


Gillian Lucky updated 16/05/08

It cannot be overstated that the force of law is directly proportional to the capacity of its enforcement...


Attillah Springer updated 18/05/08

What good is a community without stories? What value is a society without storytellers? I mean beyond crick crack. Beyond the loss of douens to electric lights and Anansi replaced by the World Wide Web...

Gail Alexander updated 18/05/08

We have a new Prime Minister,” remarked UNC chief whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj at the start of yesterday’s House of Representatives session...




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