Wednesday 21st May, 2008


Local Govt officials under probe

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TWO senior officials from the Ministry of Local Government are now being investigated by the Public Service Commission on allegations of corruption and misappropriation of State funds from the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation.

The investigation was launched two years after the allegations surfaced against the two officials.

The allegations were raised by Councillor Shaffimoon Taj who also called on the Integrity Commission to launch a probe.

She has accused the officials of corruption and nepotism.

She also complained that she was being victimised, but was determined not to be silenced.

The two officials have been being accused of swindling thousands of dollars through projects under the Infrastructure Renewal and Development Programme.

One of the officials was also accused of using materials and labour from the corporation to build a house.

The two were also accused of awarding contracts to people close to them.

By letter dated April 29 to Taj, acting permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Joan Mendez, said she was appointed by the PSA to investigate the allegations.

Mendez has requested written statements from the two officials within seven days.

Attached to Mendez’s letter was a list of the allegations against the

two officials.

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