Monday 24th March, 2008

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Posted 19-03-08

Q: Do you agree that the minimum wage should be raised to $20 an hour?


The minimum wage should be raised to $20 an hour because it’s only fair since the prices of all necessities have skyrocketed!. People cannot live such a meagre existence while the Prime Minister is seeking to shoot around in his $420 million jet. Hard working people who make an honest living should be paid. This way people would not feel the need to further raise prices which can cause an increase in the crime rate. We know that the Prime Minister is not putting the people first at all, but we still deserve some consideration. Don’t let us suffer like this!


SURE, increase the minimum wage to $20 an hour. Then next year to $30, and the next to $40. See if that helps. Or maybe we should get serious about agriculture—really serious. We have the land. We have the expertise. We have the money. All we need is the political will. Now. Or we could wait for the next general election and start the promising again.

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