Sunday 1st June, 2008

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From Concacaf to Olympics... Referee readies whistle for Beijing

If you want to congratulate Shane De Silva, the best thing to say might be: “Gooooaaaal!” De Silva, the only woman on Fifa’s panel (the official list of referees from Trinidad), is also the only woman chosen to be a referee for this year’s Beijing Olympics. She’s the first local female ever to receive such an appointment...

e write

From the editor

Calypsonian King Austin sang it years ago and the saying continues to be relevant even today: the price of progress is indeed high...



T&T’s Lola Luv makes her name in Tinsel Town

She is the 21-year-old model/aspiring actress and music vixen Lola Luv. What’s more, she is half Trinidadian, half Ethiopian...

Five hindrances to winning the race

Raised as a dainty child, I never engaged in any rough play or rigorous sporting activity. Still, I’ve run a few races in my time. Not the sweaty-run-in-the-sun kind of race, mind you, but the go-after-a-goal...

Hilaire puts flair into wedding planning

With her long, glossy hair and eye-catching fashion sense, Nikki Hilaire can easily be mistaken for a model. Her bubbly personality and welcoming air conjure up images of a beauty pageant and a Miss Congeniality award...

AFETT stirs debate on childcare in the workplace

When the mother of eight-year-old Hope Arismandez had to work, she left her daughter in the care of someone she trusted. Unfortunately, that trust was misplaced, and the girl was found dead...

Pregnant and fabulous... Look good with your burgeoning belly

It’s chic to be pregnant today, so don’t feel like you have to smother your figure in XXXL T-shirts to hide your burgeoning belly. Trends in maternity wear nowadays mimic those that you would normally wear if you weren’t sporting a bump...

Readers write

Today I would like to share with you some of the letters I have recently received from readers who are having garden problems...

Pastor offers new perspective on old concept

Feminists the world over, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or simply “spiritual,” have all fought vehemently against the idea of submission. Even I, reformed man-basher that I am, twitch a little when someone male says it out loud...

Taking steps to forgiveness

Occasionally, I break from answering readers’ questions to comment on something that jumps into focus for me in my work as a psychologist. This commentary is about the role of forgiveness in relationship repair...

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