Wednesday 4th May, 2008


Choo Kong serves up new play, fresh talent

...a tribute to Godfrey Sealy

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The awesome foursome, from left, are Raymond Choo Kong, Gerelle Forbes, Luke Ribeiro, and Susan Hannays-Abraham.

Spurred on by the demands of the local theatre audiences for something new, fresh and different, producer/director extraordinaire Raymond Choo Kong is always on the cutting edge of new, fresh and different, evidenced by his theatrical stagings of Exposed last year, with Politically Incorrect later on, followed up by We Like It So, the last instalment of his avant-garde trilogy.

In June 2008, for just one week, he will once again venture into radical territory with his latest offering: the critically acclaimed One Of Our Sons Is Missing. Penned by the late local theatre great Godfrey Sealy and sold as a tribute to its writer, One Of Our Sons Is Missing centres around the life of Miguel Alonzo, an ordinary 24-year-old man from an ordinary middle-class family, whose very fabric is stretched to its limit when they are thrown into a tailspin.

Miguel is forced to face some difficult truths about himself when he is faced with a life-changing situation. His world comes crashing down as he must deal with tolerance from his so-called friends, his girlfriend and his parents whose ignorance about their son’s lifestyle; which all lead to the threat of expulsion from his own home.

One Of Our Sons Is Missing is ultimately a stirring story of love and family, that is both heartrending and also tugs at the heartstrings, with a potent mixture of that zinging Choo Kong brand of comedy. The statement that comes from One Of Our Sons Is Missing, is that sometimes, it’s more than just funny…much more. Directed by Choo Kong, the play features Susan Hannays-Abraham, Conrad Parris, Mark Nottingham with brand spanking new talent from Gerelle Forbes and Luke Ribeiro, and, of course, Choo Kong himself.

Mr Sealy would be proud, indeed!

One Of Our Sons Is Missing premieres at the Central Bank Auditorium, Port-of-Spain this evening and runs until Sunday.

For tickets and further information, contact Zippers, West Mall-633-8308, Ellerslie Plaza-628-7978, Trincity Mall-640-8086, Price Plaza Chaguanas-671-6171; Michael and Jody's; Gulf City, La Romaine-653-0404, 6578845; and, Green Street Sports Bar and Grill, Arima; 667-2495, 682-2389, 682-2391.