Tuesday 3rd May, 2008


Rat-infested school

Parents to meet with ministry tomorrow

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On the heels of a rat infestation at the Arima New Government School, the Ministry of Education has agreed to meet with parents of the students.

While the Education Facilities Company Limited had declared the eradication and minor repair work completed and the school ready for re-opening on May 26, the parents were engaged in a stand-off.

Teachers turned out for duty yesterday, but only few students attended classes.

The parents said they were not prepared to send their children back to the school because they wanted a new building which was promised.

But after a short protest demonstration outside the school compound yesterday, parents received word from the Ministry of Education that they had been invited to a meeting with the minister tomorrow afternoon at the ministry’s office on Alexandra Street, St Clair.

One parent said yesterday, “It’s frustrating.”

She added: “We haven’t had school for close to a month, end of term exams are coming up but we have to take a stand.

“After all they (the ministry) promised us a school since 2000 and they said we were fourth on the list (of schools to be reconstructed).”

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