Tuesday 3rd May, 2008


Pastor Clive Dottin

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Farewell to hope?

  • Hope’s killing creates an earthquake.
  • The children suffer in the endless rat race.
  • Killing surge weakening will to fight crime.

The situation involving the brutal murder of eight-year-old Hope Arismandez has created an earthquake in the nation.

One has to be very cautious about estimating the impact of this tragedy. Why? Well we seem to possess a callous elasticity where we return to normal in record-breaking time.

It is almost as if we have cultivated a clinical mood swing—from troubled to calm—as a means of coping with grief and horrible events. It may be part of a denial syndrome, which we may not wish to explore.

The death of Hope! Farewell to Hope! The truth is that the death of Hope, the person, has come at a time when most people have lost hope. They have lost hope in traditional institutions: church, school, home; they have lost hope in the security organisations; they have lost hope in politicians; they have lost hope in medical institutions; they have lost hope in the examination process.

Hope died in a savage manner. While we were seeking to grapple with her death, we received news of the alleged suicide of the accused, Sunil Ali, 28. The first report was that he committed suicide.

A razor was found stained with blood and he was found hanging using a very primitive clothesline. Only the greatest idiot will suggest that a ghost bought and brought the razor blade because the accused wanted instant justice. Is murder allowed behind prison bars?

But equally strange things have happened in this amazing nation. You must remember how cocaine exhibits just disappeared from two police stations and it appeared as though the cocaine bought running shoes and just fled the scene.

Now we are hearing from a government minister that the Udecott debate prevented the Government from pursuing measures and mechanisms which would have assisted in the protection of children.

But for crying out loud, Dr Browne must have been aware that the 2000 legislation was screaming and bawling for attention and implementation.

Listen, if the original legislative package was deficient, then within two years, the appropriate amendments should have been brought to Parliament. We are talking about the Children’s Authority Act. But when will we be able to amend, proclaim and implement the revised standard version of the bill? When? When?

No amount of crocodile tears or scapegoating should be allowed to obfuscate the real issue. We have had enough bizarre stuff happening to children that should have jolted us into action. But in this endless rat race, there was no time for the children.

If a bureaucracy is so painfully slow, slower than a mud volcano, then we must ask the relevant questions so we can make the best possible analysis of current problems. Perhaps we are so busy destroying trees and planting concrete that our hearts have gotten as hard as reinforced concrete.

How many more must die before we take decisive action? We need action and we need action now! In this fatherless era, fathers are missing either because of their obsession with the “outside woman,” the non-essential deputy or because they are “sperm fathers” who believe that their responsibility ends when the child is born. It is important for us to act now.

Apart from gambling in our secondary schools, where some classrooms are converted into casinos, we have oral sex being practised in broad daylight. No one seems to know how many students have the dreaded HIV/Aids disease. What about the other STDs?

Denial is killing this nation and of course the death of a nation begins with the death of hope. When we lose faith in our ability to make a difference, to experience conversion, then it is only a matter of time before anarchy becomes the sole ruler.

There are psychotic drivers on the roads and on top of that many of them smoke and drink. They have a cell phone in one hand and they have a bottle containing an alcoholic beverage perched precariously on the steering wheel.

The society is so diseased, these fellas drive on the shoulder of our highways, then swing suddenly in front of you and then they threaten you.

These “sickos” who must have drunk blood from Satan’s chalice are wrong and strong. They would curse you if you just asked a simple question like, “Man, what you doing me?” Well, it is now you will get a lesson in foreign languages. And if he has a weapon, he will wave it in front of your face. This contributes to the death of hope.

And the next issue is that you cannot even complain to the parents of indisciplined children. Why? Well some of these children bring money from their exploiters and the parents benefit from the overflow. Are you understanding this “uglyacity?”

The children operate like prostitutes, are paid and then pass on money to parents and grandparents who are immediately compromised. These prostitutes cannot be corrected by parents, because they are blackmailing their parents. Sometimes the fathers are the ones operating the drug and prostitution dens.

There are several areas where young men are seen brandishing their weapons—guns as well as knives—in broad daylight. From Diego Martin to Arima, these thugs have their weapons exposed for all who care to see. There is a sea of misery gripping the nation.

Already, there are irresponsible people who have planned to make life “hellish” for the next Commissioner of Police. By now you must know that our murder rate has exceeded 200. There is a killing surge that is weakening our will to fight crime. There is fear everywhere and very few will go to court and testify against a murder accused.

We must be concerned about murderers winning their cases. They return to their communities and commit more murders. Our detection rate is low and our conviction rate is even lower. And to think that there are people who would like to undermine the new administration can only be described as abominable.

It is felt that some of the most vicious killers are protected barbarians. These hooligans are convinced that they constitute a new breed of untouchables and they might just be correct. They kill and they kill and they kill and they are not arrested. They are also extraordinary kidnappers, they are in the major league, and they have their connections.

The kings and princes of the east-west corridor must believe that they were born with a golden spoon. However, that spoon will soon melt in the fires of hell. Farewell to hope? No, we must pray to God so we can keep hope alive!

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