Thursday 26th June, 2008


14 years after wife’s killing...

Husband faces murder charge

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FOURTEEN years after his wife was stabbed to death in their home, Bruce Rezende is to be charged with her murder.

The decision to charge Rezende came at the end of a coroner’s inquest which lasted one year.

Coroner Brambharan Dubay, presiding at the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court, issued a warrant to charge Rezende with murder.

Rezende was taken into custody and spent last night at the Central Police Station. He is expected to be charged today and will appear before a magistrate later in the day.

Dubay said there were sufficient grounds for the charge of murder.

Rezende’s wife Bernadette, 35, worked at Royal Bank, Park Street, Port-of-Spain, and was the mother of two sons, Manuel and Miguel.

It was at the bank she met and married Bruce.

The couple lived at Mendez Drive, St Lucien Road, Diego Martin.

On March 30, 1994, Bernadette was stabbed three times in the neck during the wee hours of the morning in her bedroom.

Dubay said the evidence submitted “discounted any suggestions that there was any struggle.”

He added there was no forced entry into the home.

Dubay said the Rezendes’ premises were “secured” and added that there were dogs present, ruling out any forced entry by other persons.

“Bruce Rezende was in the bedroom when she (his wife) was wounded,” he said.

In his statement to the police, Rezende claimed a struggle ensued between him and two other unknown men.

Dubay said according to the investigations, based on the size of the bedroom, there were no signs of a struggle and Rezende bore no bruises.

He said there was no blood splatter or broken items in the room.

“Mr Rezende’s explanation is not rationale in the circumstances,” Dubay said.

“Bruce Rezende was in the bedroom when she was wounded.”

Jagdeo Singh represented the family of the dead woman while Rajiv Persad appeared for Rezende.


In his statement to the police, Bruce said he was awakened by noises coming from his wife’s bedroom around 4.30 am on March, 30 1994.

He rushed into the room and discovered a man of African descent lying on top her in the bed. He tried to pull the man off but was attacked from the back by another intruder.

The couple had been sleeping in separate rooms for some time.

A struggle ensued and both men ran away.

On checking his wife, Bruce found her bleeding from her neck.

He then called the police and officers arrived on the scene.

He suffered injuries but did not seek medical attention because they were minor.

Two knives were found on the premises.

A post-mortem revealed that Bernadette Rezende died from shock and haemorrhage. She had three stab wounds to the neck.

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